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The Cemetery on Baker Island

There is only one known burial area on Baker Island.  Hugh Dwelley was kind enough to forward me a list of the persons buried there:

Baker's Island Cemetery

Joseph Gilley d. 7-10-1894 aged 81 years
Adeline (Dolliver), wife d. 5-27-1876 aged 54 years 8 months
  Charles A. Gilley b. 11-27-1847 d. 11-24-1914
  Joseph W. Gilley b. 10- -1859 d. 5-5-1918

Elisha Gilley d. 7-28-1901 aged 93 years
Hannah Manchester, wife d. 5-14-1880 aged 69 years
  Samuel B. Gilley, son d. 1-8-1922 aged 70 years
  Hattie, wife of Samuel B. d. 2-11-1908 aged 51 years
    Victor, son of Samuel & Hattie d. 1884
    Leona, daughter b. 1890 m. Chester Sawyer

Robert S. Stanley d. 11-29-1890 aged 63 years
Phoebe Gilley, wife d. 4-24-1929 aged 87 years
  Albert Stanley, son d. 10-12-1949 aged 78 years

Winfield Coulter


    * 0 0 -1 Baker Island Cemetery database last updated 15 Oct 2009
Baker Winfield Coulter       ashes buried 2009
Baker Adeline (Dolliver) Gilley 1821 5-27-1876 54y8m wife of Joseph, dau. of Peter (1798-1871) and Phoebe Jane (Smallidge) Dolliver (1798-1876) of Manset
Baker Charles A. Gilley 11-27-1847 11-24-1914 66 son of Joseph & Adeline
Baker Elisha Gilley 1808 7-28-1901 93 husb. of Hannah Manchester
Baker Hannah Manchester Gilley 1811 5-14-1880 69 wife of Elisha
Baker Hattie Gilley 1857 2-11-1908 51 Harriet "Hattie" Elizabeth, wife of Samuel B.
Baker Joseph Gilley 1813 7-10-1894 81 husb. of Adeline (Dolliver)
Baker Joseph W., Jr. Gilley 10- -1859 5-5-1918 58 son of Joseph & Adeline
Baker Leona Gilley 1890     Leona Hannah, dau. of Samuel B. & Hattie
Baker Samuel B. Gilley 1852 1-8-1922 70 Samuel Bulger Gilley, son of Elisha & Hannah M.; husb. of Hattie
Baker Victor Gilley   1884   son of Samuel B. & Hattie
Baker Albert Stanley 1871 10-12-1949 78 son of Robert S. & Phoebe
Baker Phoebe Gilley Stanley 1842 4-24-1929 87 wife of Robert S.
Baker Robert S. Stanley 1827 11-29-1890 63 husb. of Phoebe Gilley

Note: Emails from Ralph Stanley, 14 & 15 Oct 2009, remark:

Joseph Gilley's wife was Adeline Dolliver, not Manchester [as previously listed on this web site].  Adeline was the daughter of Peter (1798-1871) and Phoebe Jane (Smallidge) Dolliver (1798-1876) of Manset.  Peter was the son of Peter and Margaret (Stanley) Dolliver.  Margaret was the daughter of John and Marguerite (LaCroix Stanley.


Leona Hannah Gilley was the daughter of Samuel Bulger Gilley and his wife Harriet Elizabeth Mancheter.  He was the son of Elisha and Hannah Manchester (Stanley) Gilley.  Harriet was the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth W. (Burns) Manchester.  Samuel Bulger Gilley married second, 30 Apr 1910, Nora Theresa Higgins, born in 1874, the daughter of Edmund and Katherine (Flynn) Higgins.  Hannah Manchester Stanley, wife of Elisha, was the daughter of John and Phoebe (Rich) Stanley.  Her brother, William, married Ruth Gott and moved to Swan's Island.  William was the ancester of all the Stanleys at Swan's Island.  Leona married Chester Sawyer, son of Joshua and Alberta (Hodgdon) Sawyer.  They had at least four children, three, Donald Gilley Sawyer, Harriet Leona Sawyer, Berton Chester Sawyer born at Islesford and George R. Sawyer born at Bernard.  Possibly there were two other children, Bradford and Kay but I am not sure.  Harriet Leona died shortly before she was three years of age.  She was burned in a tragic accident when a kettle of scalding water got upset.


I forgot to mention that there is now another grave on Baker Island.  A short while ago Gordon Coulter buried his father's ashes in the cemetery and will have a stone for him next year.  His father, Winfield Coulter, was the grandson of John S. and Harriet (Gilley) Coulter.  Harriet was the daughter of Joseph and Adeline (Dolliver) Gilley.  John and Harriet's son, Charles, first married Flora L. Stanley, daughter of Asa Doane and Maria Ellen (Spurling) Stanley and second Helen Garnor.  Charles and Helen were the parents of Winfield.  Harriet (Gilley) (Coulter) Taylor is buried at Mt. Height at SWH.  After John Coulter died she married James A. Taylor.

  -Ralph Stanley

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