Bear Island

Bear Island is occupied by two families.  The Dunbars, with a cottage on the east side, own most of the island except for the lighthouse and its surrounding outparcel on the prominent west side, still owned by the U.S. government and leased to the second family.

The lighthouse is currently inoperative, and serves as a private residence.  See the June 2000 issue of the magazine Architectural Digest (page 122) for an article about the current occupants' restoration of the lighthouse.

History of the Bear Island Lighthouse

Bar Harbor Times article about the Bear Island Lighthouse

commercial page featuring the lighthouse

Bear Island Lighthouse from an old Robbins Bros. (Boston) post card.
("Place postage stamp here: domestic 1 cent, foreign 2 cents")

Bear Island Light
Bear Island Lighthouse today

Day trippers taking the Beal & Bunker Mailboat ferry get this view just after leaving Northeast Harbor.

Scenes from Bear Island

The Dunbar Cottage

courtesy of Nelia Dunbar

Ospreys on Bear Island - courtesy of Nelia Dunbar