The Catholic Cemetery
Little Cranberry Island, Maine

On 17 July 1999, I received the following short note from Mary Taylor, an Islesford rusticator, describing the two small cemetery plots on Islesford behind the Catholic Church:

Hi Bruce ... I noticed you didn't have the names of the Catholics in the graveyard on Isleford and since I'm Catholic I thought I'd check it out and send them to you. The three Merrills are in a private graveyard and then there is a second part with the Morses...

The months are as they are on the stones (sometimes a month is abbreviated, like Mar., and sometimes spelled out) and the years are as they appear (all four digits or only two).  I also added any words on the stone (where born or died, "beloved son" etc.) except RIP.  Katharine Merrill's name is spelled with two A's, as on the stone, while Katherine Morse has two E's...
Regards - Mary Taylor


[in the private plot]

John Lee Merrill
Born Brookline Mass. 0ct. 22, 1895
Died Boston Mass Nov. 5, 1960
Lieutenant USN World War I 1917-19
Commander USNR World War II 1941-45
Papal Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
of Jerusalem

Katharine Hill Merrill
Beloved Wife of John Lee Merrill
Born Augusta, Maine Dec. 23, 1904
Died Boston, Mass. April 20, 1962
Lady of the Holy Sepulchre
of Jerusalem

Andrew Pepperell Merrill
Beloved Son of Helen and John, Jr.
June 12, l957 - August 11, 1990


[and in the second plot]

Emeline H. Morse
June 11, 1911   Nov. 26, 1992

Thomas S. Morse
Maj. US Army
World War II

Katherine M. Morse
Mar. 29, 1917   April 20, 1998

Mary Smith Morse

Frederick W. Morse

Irene M. Bartlett
Mar. 1, 1909   June 27, 1998

Frank B. Bartlett
July 9, 1904   Jan. 2, 1968

Reginald H. Locke
Oct. 7, 1922   Nov. 21 1993

+ end +

Alphabetical List

The following table lists, in alphabetical order by family name, the persons buried in the Catholic Cemetery.  It is from the data above.

    * 0 0 -1 Catholic Cemetery database last updated 20 July 1999
Catholic Frank B. Bartlett 7-9-1904 1-2-1968 63  
Catholic Irene M. Bartlett 3-1-1909 6-27-1998 89  
Catholic Reginald H. Locke 10-7-1922 11-21-1993 71  
Catholic Andrew Pepperell Merrill 6-12-1957 8-11-1990 33 son of John Jr. & Helen Merrill
Catholic John Lee Merrill 10-22-1895 11-5-1960 65 vet. of WW I & II; husb. of Katharine Hill Merrill
Catholic Katharine Hill Merrill 12-23-1904 4-20-1962 57 wife of John Lee Merrill
Catholic Emeline H. Morse 6-11-1911 11-26-1992 81  
Catholic Frederick Wesley Morse 1871 1929 58 photographer; husb. of Mary Smyth Morse; see Memories of a Maine Island
Catholic Katherine M. Morse 3-29-1917 4-20-1998 81  
Catholic Mary Smith Morse 1876 1962 86 2nd. wife of Frederick Wesley Morse; her name is prob. wrong on stone; should be Smyth
Catholic Thomas S. Morse 1912 1984 72  

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