Cranberry House Gardens

Raised Garden

This small raised garden, our first, was built in 2007 on the north side of the front café deck, beside the main entry ramp. Funds to build the garden were donated by Linda Madara.

Donna Sonday planting the Raised Garden in 2007

Raised Garden July 7, 2007

Raised Garden Sept. 8, 2010 (Betty Hartley Memorial Garden at far right)

Betty Hartley Memorial Garden

This garden was planted in memory of long-time summer resident Betty Hartley, by her daughters. Built in 2010, it is on the north side of Cranberry House, just west of the Raised Garden.

Betty Hartley Garden Aug. 29, 2010


Commonweal Garden

This long, narrow garden defines the southern edge of the Cranberry House lot. It was completed in 2010 to complement the Home, Art & Garden Tour of that year. The garden was donated by the Fund for Commonweal, a local philanthropic organization.

Commonweal Garden Sept. 8, 2010


Commonweal Garden Aug. 11, 2010 (Cranberry House in background)