Media Room

Located on the ground floor at the back of Cranberry House, the Media Room is used by the society to make its publications and historical preservation videos.


The Media Room is open to the public, by appointment, for the following services:


Call for an appointment: (207) 244-7800.
Off season: (207) 244-3682.


Thanks to hard work during the winter of 2001, the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society's dream of a "Community Multimedia Center" first became reality in the original museum in the Longfellow Schoolhouse.  The aim was to offer "big city" print, audio, and video media services to local individuals, groups, and businesses, without having to leave the island.

The idea for the center originated with the society's need for such services to prepare its own publications and historical preservation videos.  By offering use of the equipment to a larger pool of users, we can better amortize its cost.  The equipment is to be managed by the society, but shared for use by all Cranberry Isles groups and individuals.  A volunteer will be available to help all comers make color copies, signs, documents, print-on-demand bound publications, video DVDs, and music CDs.  All this without going off the island, to help conserve energy and sanity.

Renamed the Media Room, and moved to Cranberry House in 2008, the available equipment now includes several computers with word processing, music, and realtime video editing capability, plus a scanner, high-speed duplex color laser printer, duplex black and white all-in-one laser prnter, video recorder, plus a paper folder, a binding machine, a laminator, and a saddle stitcher.

The equipment was purchased through grants of $4550 from MBNA and the Island Institute, and a donation of $2000 from the Cincinnati Stock Exchange in memory of Fred Moss.  Your memberships and contributions helped obtain additional accessories, supplies, and programs.