Bog bridge near Whistler's Cove.

Cranberry House Trail

A Public Trail behind Cranberry House

This one-mile-long public trail, starting behind Cranberry House, is always open.

The trail is rated easy (uneven ground but fairly level.)

Walk a relaxing path from Cranberry House, entirely through shaded woods, with waving ferns and cool mosses, over a quiet flowing brook, and across 230 feet of bog bridging to Whistler's Cove, facing the Western Way. You will see Mount Desert Island (Seawall) across the water. There is a sand beach at low tide.

Also, local visitors arriving at the beach by boat can easily visit the museum and café.

Lowbush cranberries on the trail

Beach rocks
beach rocks

Whistler's Cove at Trail's end
trail's end

Building the Trail

The trail was built on National Trails Day, 7 June 2008, in cooperation with Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Volunteers prepare to tackle the job: (l to r) John French, Jack (dog), Terry Towne, Eric Burns, Phil Whitney, Donna Sonday, Bob DeForest.  Volunteers not shown: Anna Adams, Bruce Komusin, Mickey Macfarlan, Karin Whitney.

Terry Towne, of Maine Coast Heritage Trust, supervised trail construction.

The small brook over which the bridge (above) passes

Ferns and an old weathered tree at the Whistler's Cove end of the trail