Ferries to the Cranberry Isles

As there are no bridges, you must have your own boat, or hire one to get here.

There are three regularly-scheduled passenger-only ferry services to the Cranberry Isles, plus three water taxis:

The ferries encourage visiting both Great and Little Cranberry Island on the same ticket.

Please note that the above ferries do not carry cars.  They carry only passengers, pets, and small freight, such as bicycles.

No reservations are necessary on the regularly-scheduled ferries. Of course, you must call ahead for a water taxi.

Tickets are bought on-board while the ferry is under way.

Ferry tickets are good for a visit to both islands (Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry.)  Since the ferries make several round trips each day, it's possible to get off and tour one island, then re-board on a later trip stopping at the other island, and finally re-board on a still-later trip to return to Mount Desert.

To get on the ferry you must step over the side of the ship.  There are movable steps on the dock, and also built-in steps inside the boat, to help you.  Also, the deck hand holds the arm of anyone who seems unsteady on their feet.  Most elderly people have no trouble getting on.

Car, van, and truck access
For longer stays, or for easy handicap access, you can bring your car, van, or truck over on a barge, by appointment with Beal & Bunker, tel. (207) 244-3575, or J.P. Berzinis, Inc., tel. (207) 244-5525.

map of the Cranberry Isles