The Cranberry Isles Futures Group
Secretary's Reports for the Year 2000

Futures Group Meeting
17 June 2000

Board Members Present: G. Colby, S.Colby, O. Roberts, D. Stainton, R.Ward, C. White
Fuel Distribution Manager: Leslie Horvath

I. Call to Order: 4:05 PM

II. Reading & Approval of Minutes of last meeting: Read & Approved

III. President's Report:
1 - David reported that M. McF. has completed analysis of the Transportation (Boat Sched.) conducted last fall. It appears as though there is a desire for schedule changes. David asked Bruce if he would be willing to convert the results into graphic form. (yes) [summary of results]

2 - David reported that due to recent publicity he has received some initial inquiries into efforts by the Town/CIRT to provide Affordable year around housing. B. Stainton & C. White reported that present CIRT housing is not yet ready for rental, but CIRT is developing application forms and selection criteria.

3 - David brought forth the Gravel Pit Organization Plan and answered questions from the public in attendance.

IV. Treasurer's Report:
Owen reported that FG presently has $16,233 in the bank, with no outstanding bills. Perhaps we should begin to think about paying off some bills early. Owen also reported that FG funds were expended to provide a suction Standpipe water point for the Fire Club at Trudy's [Bancroft] well.

V. Reports from Other Officers & Fuel Distribution Mngr:
Leslie reported that the fuel tank is low again, and she has ordered more fuel. All accounts in arrears are paid up but one in the amount of $84.42. Her books show a balance on hand of $6,102.20. Bank shows a balance of $8,186.26. Owen and Sonja will assist Leslie in reconciling the two. Leslie reported that her contract expires August 2nd. Owen said he will discuss the impact with her and others, and report back to us at the next meeting.

It was moved/seconded/passed to authorize President, Treasurer, and Secretary to if necessary change the price/gallon for gasoline after the next delivery. Any change upward in price to be posted on the pump.

VI.Correspondence: None

VII. Comments from Public in Attendance:
Some questions arose as to what endeavors the FG might address in the near future. Thoughts that came to light were:

a) Repair/reorganization of Town Parking Lot @ Spurling Cove (S. Colby agreed to Chair that effort.)

b) Continuation of the Plan for reorganization/landscaping of Town Gravel Pit. (D. Stainton as FG Pres. & Selectman said he would lead that effort.)

c) Fire Prevention/Support of Fire Club. Those in attendance said they would approach the Fire Club about increasing public awareness and participation.

d) Deplorable condition of Public Restrooms @ Spurling Cove. (It was moved/seconded/ passed to authorize C. White to expend up to $2,000 to improve the ventilation in the facility and have the tank pumped out twice in addition to the pump outs provided by the Town and Cranberry General Store. B. Stainton agreed to arrange for the pumping out of the tank.)

VIII. New Business:
Officers whose terms expire this year are: S. Colby and C. White. C. White said he will seek a replacement for himself. S. Colby said she will let us know her decision at the next meeting.

Annual Meeting is set for July 22.
Next Meeting Date & Location/Time: July 15th, 4 PM in Fire Hall

XI. Adjournment: 5:25 PM

Respectfully submitted
Christopher J. White

Futures Group Meeting
15 April 2000

Board Members Present: G. Colby, S.Colby, M. McFarlan, D. Stainton, C. White
Fuel Distribution Manager: Leslie Horvath

I. Call to Order: 5:25 PM

II. Reading & Approval of Minutes of last meeting: Dispensed with.

III. President's Report:
1 - David has sent Sec'y of State the annual required paperwork to maintain our corporate status.

2 - He also reported that the combined Town, CIRT, & FG Committe on organization of the gravel [pit] met, and a plan was presented for review by Town members at the March Town Meeting.

IV. Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer not being in attendance, Leslie Horvath reported that the gas account shows a balance of approximately $10K. This balance (really about $6K due to payment of recently purchased fuel) is about $2K higher than her own records indicate. Discussion ensued and David said he will confer with Owen Roberts to see if by reviewing fund raising activities, loan payments etc. will reveal the descrepancy.

It was also moved/seconded/passed to reimburse Leslie for funds she spent out of pocket for replacement keys. (Amount $66.59)

It was moved/seconded/passed to raise the price of gas to $1.85/gal, and to begin to charge 1.5% per month on accounts shut off due to non-payment.

V. Reports from Other Officers & Fuel Distribution Mngr: See above

VI.Correspondence: None

VII. Comments from Public in Attendance: None

VIII. New Business: None

IX. Miscellaneous: None

X. Next Meeting Date & Location/Time: May 20th 4 PM in Fire Hall

XI Adjournment: 6:15 PM

Respectfully submitted:
Christopher J. White

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