Email and photo from Dan Suttin, former school teacher on GCI

31 Dec 2004

I am Dan Suttin.  I was the teacher at the school there in 1981-82 (I think that was it; it was the year of the Falkland Islands War.)

I'm trying to remember names:

  • Herman and Connie Savage (Cassie and Darren)
  • Beverly Sanborn, who was my teaching assistant (Becky, Norman, and an older sister whose name I forget; maybe Sherry)
  • (Shannon Alley, Renna Colby, Alton Bunker) (Candy and Joey) (And there was a little Bunker whose name I also forget, he was in kindergarden.)

Three of my kids were in the school with me that year: Jacob, Robin, and Haven.  At the time, Joyce and I had 5 kids.  We later had 3 more for a total of 8.  This Christmas we had them all together for the first time in about 6 years.  I'm attaching a family photo for any of the year-round inhabitants from the old days who might enjoy seeing it.  It's 400K; I hope that's OK.

Dan and Joyce Suttin, 8 kids, 3 spouses, and 6 grandkids.

I was wondering if any of these folks have e-mail addresses.  It would be fun to get in touch and find out what has become of them in the last 20+ years and to let them know what has become of us.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
Dan Suttin
San Antonio, Texas

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