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1999 Events on Great Cranberry Island

Courtesy of Stacy Wedge, Postmistress
2 April (Friday) Selectman's Meeting, Neighborhood House on Islesford, 9:00 am.
29 May (Saturday) Island Forests Project Information Meeting, Ladies Aid, 12 Noon (bring a sandwich and drink.)
Dr. Livingston of the U. of Maine outlines the proposed forest survey of GCI, to be conducted by his two students, Anthony D'Amato and Joshua Roy. Photo of Dr. Livingston explaining the project.
1 June (Tuesday) Town Dock Resurfacing begins!
5 June (Saturday) Library Board Meeting, 9:00 am, at the Library. Public Welcome.
7 June (Monday) Selectman's Meeting, Neighborhood House on Islesford, 8:45 am.
14 June (Monday) Emergency Care Training Session, in the Firehouse at 7 pm.
Cranberry Isles Rescue Team reviews the new rescue vehicle, where the equipment is stored, and how to use some of it. Public welcome.
18 June (Friday) Futures Group Board Meeting, in the Fire Hall at 5 pm. Public welcome.
30 June (Wednesday) Library Book Sale kickoff, in the library starting at 10 am. Refreshements served; all welcome. (The sale does continue throughout the summer -- but the best books are soon sold.)
3 July (Saturday) Grand Auction to benefit the Ladies Aid and the Library, 3 pm at Bob LaHotan's garden.

Auctioneers Gary Allen & Chris White (shown) entertained the crowd.

4 July (Sunday) Ruth Westphal's annual Fourth of July Potluck Picnic on her lawn, 1:00 pm.

Traditional Lobster Picnic on Islesford, 12 noon, ask for location.

12 July (Monday) Selectman's Meeting, 9 am, in the Town Office on Great Cranberry Island.
14 July (Wednesday) Library Board Meeting, 7:30 pm at the Library; public welcome.
19 July (Monday) Islesford Historical Society General Meeting, Neighborhood House on Islesford, 7:30 pm.
Festivities celebrating the second edition reprint of "God's Pocket" by Rachel Field. Reprints available for sale at the meeting.
23 July (Friday) Fireman's Supper, 6 pm at the Ladies Aid.
2 August (Monday) Annual Tennis Club meeting, 9 am, location to be announced.

Selectman's Meeting, 8:45 am, in the Neighborhod House on Islesford.

4 August (Wednesday) Annual Great Cranberry Fair, 10:30 am, at the Ladies Aid.
(The popular White Elephant tables traditionally open at 10 am -- at the first stroke of the church bell announcing the fair.)
5 August (Thursday) Library Board Meeting, 7:30 pm at the Library; public welcome.
11 August (Wednesday) Annual Great Cranberry Historical Society Meeting, 7:30 pm at the Church; public invited.
The Society celebrates the new edition of Gods's Pocket by Rachel Field, on sale tonight, with an original skit: "An Evening with Rachel Field and Sammy Sanford" by Hugh Dwelley. The skit follows a short business meeting and elections.
12 August (Thursday) Annual Islesford Fair, 10 am, at the Islesford Neighborhood House.
13 August (Friday)
15 August (Sunday)
Wimbleberry Tennis Tournament at the tennis court.
17 August (Tuesday) A Cultural Evening to benefit the Library, 7 pm at the Church. Gather for an evening of poetry and music.
20 August (Friday) Fireman's Supper, 6 pm at the Ladies Aid.
28 August (Saturday) Sonja Colby's Birthday Bash, 5 pm at the Ladies Aid. Pig roast & potluck dinner, also featuring the Gary Mitchell Band.
29 August (Sunday) Girl's Choir recital, 2 pm at the Church.
30 August (Monday) Annual Library General Meeting and Elections, 7 pm at the Library; public welcome; Board meeting follows.
31 December (Friday) Neal & Candace Corson's annual New Year's Eve Open House, 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Party, Dance, Goodies.

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