Assorted Views

of Great Cranberry Island

Courtesy of Omer & Annette Mountain

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

Main Street looking south, Great Cranberry Island ME

Current Gertmenian residence in foreground.  Former residence of Eber & Lena Spurling behind, with long porch facing the camera (currently the Vance residence.)

Main Street looking north, Great Cranberry Island

Current Gertmenian residence in foreground.  In background: on left, former Charles E. Spuring residence (now Brooks); on right, former Seimer residence (now Weibel.)

Great Cranberry Island looking south

Back of former Seimer residence (now Weibel) in foreground

The "Other" Rome House

Formerly the Nettie Stanley residence.  (Currently the "Other" Rome House.)  The building on the left is no longer there.  It was the Post Office when Nettie was postmaster.

G. L. Richardson Residence

(Later owned by Seimer; currently the Weibel residence.)

Wreck at Cranberry Isles ME

Wreck of General George C. Hogg, a Canadian vessel, around the year 1904.

Wreck at Cranberry Isles ME

Unknown vessel.

Yet Another Wreck at Cranberry Isles ME

Unknown vessel.

Souvenir, School #2, Cranberry Isle ME, Spring Term 1899

Miss Lutee M. Guptill, Teacher, W. E. Hadlock, Superintendent.
Names of Pupils: Charles Spurling, Harvey Bulger, Charles Richardson
Alfred Ladd, Ernest Stanley, Fillmore Steele
Roy Bulger, Willie Spurling, Lena Ladd
Ida Stover, Millie Harding, Vida M. Stanley
Addie Stanley, Ella B. Stanley, Ethel M. Stanley
Alice Bulger, Ruth Stanley, Nellie Rosebrook
Harold Stanley, Morris Stanley, Wm. Holmes
Lawrie Holmes, and Elsie Holmes.
G. P. Brown & Co., Publishers, Beverly, Mass.

[Two holes in upper left corners, apparently to bind the two cards together, perhaps with a ribbon, which might also serve to hang the souvenir from the wrist, as with old-fashioned dance cards. -BK]

[District #2 was at what is now Malcolm Donald's house, at the top of "Schoolhouse Hill.".  District #1 was the Bunker school district, and was at what is now the gravel pit.  Harvey Bulger and Sadie lived where Cox is now.  Charles "Peter" Richardson was master of the Friendship sloop.  Ida Stover was Alan Klausky's grandmother and lived first near Charlene Allen's, then on Harding Point, the yellow house on the right.  Millie Harding was Margie Phippen's mother, and lived with Hilda on Harding Point.  Addie Stanley was later Addie Duren, and lived in the house currently the Mountain's.  Ethel M. Stanley married Oscar Wedge and was Carl Wedge's mom.  Harold Stanley lived where Fred Day is now. - Charles Liebow]

Vida & Ernest Stanley

Children of May & Gilman Stanley.  They're mentioned as attending school on the "Souvenir, Spring Term 1899" card, above.

Hamor Tea House, Cranberry Island

(Currently Murch Residence)  From "Cranberry Isles Maine" brochure printed by the town.

Teel House, Cranberry Island

From the same "Cranberry Isles Maine" brochure printed by the town; apparently this was a restaurant or hotel.

Preble Beach

The boathouse is no longer there.

Joy's Bungalo Cranberry Isle ME

This postcard says on the back: "Merry Christmas to you... Dec. 25, 1911."

Currently the residence of Annie Alley.  In the 1909 census, there are two Joys: Arthur A. Joy and Ella F. Joy.  I don't know which, if either, lived in this house. -BK]

The Current Donald House

February 12, 1934

Working on the Main Road near the Town Dock.  (Electricity is available; see the utility pole on the left.)

Currently Mountain House

Built by Asa D. Stanley between 1857-1863.  House is shown here before the fire of 1960, which was in the left wing.

Asa Doane Stanley
24 May 1833 - 12 May 1900

Original builder of house (above) currently occupied by the Mountains.

Ellen Maria Stanley
18 August 1842 - 13 November 1929

Wife of Asa D. Stanley.

Ellen Maria Stanley

Same woman as above, in her 80s.  Photo taken in back of her home, which is now the Mountain's.

May Florence Stanley
b. 1868

Daughter of Asa D. and Ellen Maria Stanley.  Married Gilman "Gimm" Stanley.

May Florence Stanley

The same woman as above.

Vida Stanley

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gilman Stanley.  See photo, above, as a girl.

Flora L. Stanley
1871 - 1899

Daughter of Asa D. and Ellen Maria Stanley.  Married Charles H. Coulter, lived in Brockton, Mass.  Charles was Mayor of Brockton.  This photo was damaged in the Mountain house during the fire of 1960.

Elva A. (Stanley) Lagoutte

Daughter of Asa D. and Ellen Maria Stanley.  This photo was also in the fire of 1960.

Elva (Stanley) Lagoutte

The same woman as above.

Addie E. (Stanley) Duren
1886 - 1973

Daughter of Asa D. and Ellen Maria Stanley.  Second occupant of the current Mountain house.