Photos of the Other Rome House

Courtesy of Abigail Rome

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

The Rome House, ca. 1910

Formerly the Nettie Stanley residence, this house is immediately to the left of "The Store", as viewed from the Main Road.  Notice the three white conch shells on the far left of the porch; some captain must have brought them from the Caribbean.  The house with porch visible on the left is no longer there.  It was the Post Office when Nettie Stanley was postmaster.

The Rome House, 1978

From left to right: Chawa Glaser, Julius Glaser, Eva Schocken, Debi Lesnick, Jane Lesnick, Abigail Rome, Sue Ann Glaser, Impy (dog), Dan Rome, Tommaso Lesnick, Esther Rome, Judah Rome, Narhan Rome, David Rome, Dora Schocken.  The photo was taken in 1978 by David Westphal.