Photos of "The Store"

Currently the Rome house on Great Cranberry Island

Courtesy of Barbara Brooks, daughter of Charles S. Spurling.

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

Charles Eaton Spurling

Captain, shipowner, and originator and first proprietor of the store.  He also managed the Clifton Dock in Northeast Harbor.

Store receipt

Notice the date in the upper right corner is shown as "190_" indicating the decade of printing.

Charles Samuel Spurling and Kit

Son of Chas. E., shown here with the delivery horse, "Kit."

Receiving supplies

Charles E.'s ship is just beyond the right of the photo.  Goods were lowered to a rowboat and taken ashore, then hauled by horse-drawn cart the short distance up the hill to the store.  Apparently, they didn't unload at the Town Dock.  Charles Samuel Spurling is behind the horse, wearing the same hat as in the following 2 photos.

Loading the delivery wagon

The store is cut off on the left.  Charles E. Spurling's house is in the center background.  He and his family didn't live above the store; the store's second story was used only for storage.  (The garage on the right belongs to another house cut off on the far right.)  Note that the Main Road is unpaved.

Interior of the store

Charles S. Spurling waiting on a customer, circa 1905.

The Spurling coat of arms

"Grammy" Bulger

At her backdoor on Cranberry Island, currently the Donald house.

House of Charles E. Spurling

Early photo, before the porch was added.

House of Charles E. Spurling

Somewhat later photo; notice the bush has grown.  Still no porch.

Louise & Nelson Spurling, 1913

Barbara (Spurling) Brooks' sister and brother.

A man appears to be doing some agricultural work in the field behind the children.  Spurling Point in the backgroud - very bare.

Unofficial Summer Preschool & Kindergarten, 1917

Hetty Schriftguisser was a kindergarten schoolteacher from Roxbury, MA.  She lived in the house currently the Haydock's, with her mother & sister.

The photo shows Hettie and some of the other island kids.  The parsonage is in the background.  Barbara Brooks herself is in the photo.  The kids are:<

Barbara Brooks was born in 1912, and appears to be about five in the photo, so it was taken about 1917.

1969 Christmas Postcard by Carl Nelson

Written by a sensitive artist, it expresses well the delights of island life.  The house is on the Main Road, immediately south of the current schoolhouse.