Photos of Two Houses

Courtesy of Judy Whitney-Blake

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

Judy supplied these comments:


The first picture, of the Wood house (formerly Bloom) was taken early 1900s; date is determined by the gravestones of the two ladies on the front porch.  On the left is Sydney Hamor Bunker, wife of Warren Bunker, and mother of Julia Bunker Spurling on the right.  See the enlargement, second photo.

Julia was the mother of Joseph Elwood Spurling who, upon his marriage to Ella Bates Spurling, set up housekeeping in the large 3-story home in the third picture; this was built originally by Julia Spurling after the premature death of her husband Joseph, and the house was utilized as a boarding house for many years.

In the enlargement (fourth picture), the man on the left is a boarder; and on the right is Ella Bates Spurling, with her daughter Dorothy, who later married Philmore Whitney.  The house burned in the spring of 1928 after Joseph Spurling returned from a winter in Ellsworth, and he lit a fire in the kitchen stove causing a chimney fire.  The lot on which this house stood was vacant for many years until Dorothy Spurling Whitney's son Deane and his wife Judith built a new home over the old foundation in 1992.

Sydney Hamor Bunker was Deane Whitney's great-great-grandmother, and Julia Bunker Spurling was his great-grandmother.

Judy says the little girl is Dorothy Spurling Whitney.  The boy is unknown, probably a boarder.  The photo is probably taken from behind the old boarding house, that is to say, the same location that is now behind Judy Whitney's house.