Photos of the View & People

Courtesy of Priscilla Richardson

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

Capt. Lew Stanley

His place was later the residence of Bob LaHotan & Jack Heliker, and is now the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation.  The large boathouse on the left blew down in the storm of 1978.

Leah Stanley

Wife of Lew Stanley.

Capt. Lew Stanley's Place on the Pool

Smaller boathouse in front of large boathouse.  This smaller boathouse was lifted and reset on a new cement foundation in the late 1990s and is now an artist's studio.  Two small sheds are also seen on the dock.  Note the platform in the foreground, apparently for storage of lobster traps or fishing gear.

Same view in 1968

Photo marked on back "View from the footbridge."  The platform is gone and the closer dock has fallen into disrepair.

Capt. Lew Stanley's Large Boathouse

No longer there; wrecked in the storm of 1978.  Photo taken in 1968.

Mr. & Mrs. Sanborn

Inside the Cranberry Cove Restaurant

Blanche White eating breakfast.  Photo taken in 1967.  Currently the residence and studio of Wini Smart.

Inside the Restaurant

"Red" MacAllister at his coffee.  Photo taken in 1967.  Currently the residence and studio of Wini Smart.

Mrs. Millie A. "Pink" Bulger

Delbert Hodgkins

"The house where we lived when we were building our house."  [Priscilla Richardson built her house during World War II, when men and supplies were scarce. -BK]

Mrs. Marjorie Phippen

Acting Postmaster 20 Spetember 1961
Postmaster 15 April 1963 - 7 October 1976.

Mrs. Marjorie Phippen

And son Dickie.

Eber Spurling

Eber Spurling

Hilda Spurling

Elmer Spurling

Hilda's husband

Edgar A. Bunker

Died in action in Yonchon Korea.

Leona Bunker

Wife of "Red" MacAllister.

Wilfred Bunker

Mailboat Captain

Elisha Bunker

Store owner