Photos of Views & People

Courtesy of Stanley Seimer

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Note: All these photos have been downsampled for web use.  I have better versions available for research.

Capt. Lew Stanley and Caryll Beal

Caryll is the daughter of Clarence Beal.

Clarence Beal and Wilfred Bunker (right)

"Beal & Bunker"

Leslie M. "Les" Rice

Eber Spurling and Stanley Seimer (right)

Former Residence of Stanley Seimer

On the back of the photo is written: "Dr. Cummings Summer Home at Cranberry Isles", and in another hand: "SETH RICE'S HSE"

Currently the Weibel residence.

Linden H. "Tud" Bunker and Pauline "Polly", his wife

Photo taken on the front deck of Polly's "Whales Rib Gift Shop".