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2003 Cranberry Isles Report
by Richard Beal

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Solid Waste Management Open Forum, 8 July 2003


7 January 2003

Meeting commenced at:8:48 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard F. Beal, Denise McCormick, David Stainton and Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett. Members of the community present were: Beverly Sanborn, Edward Horvath, Karin Whitneyh, Phil Whitney, Barbara Fernald


On motion of Denise McCormick, with second by David Stainton, the minutes of the 10 December 2002 meeting were approved with an original copy provided to Town Clerk Frances Bartlett. Chairman Beal presented information on the Edward Gray proposal for trash and waste removal in the future using trash compactors and a new series of equipments to accomplish same. Formal proposal to be presented at the February 2003 meeting along with a proposed contract. Later in this meeting Mr. Gray presented some of his ideas and answered questions from Selectmen Stainton on mechanical specifications of the proposed compactor equipment.

a. Discussed Garry Blanchette duties. David Stainton suggested that we request proposals from possible replacement candidates for Assessor duties. Discussed property assessing software packages.

b. Completed review of the various warrant articles to be proposed in the Warrant 2003.

David Stainton read the proposed CES, Inc. contract language to the board and audience; then a discussion with the Land Management Commission followed on various projects, including extension of the dock and float system on the Southwest Harbor property. On motion of David Stainton, with second by Denise McCormick, the contract with CES, Inc. was approved and the Chairman was authorized to sign it.

a. Reappointed the Registrar of Voters: Frances J. Bartlett. Selectmen voted unanamously. Annual requirement reportable to the State.

b. Discussed potential leasing of building space on the Southwest Harbor property. David Stainton to write a letter to the Bond Attorney, Mike Trainor, for clarification of leasing space in one of the boat buildings and its potential affect on tax exempt municipal bonds. Is the tradeoff from leasing enough to offset the loss of tax exemption status of the bonds?

c. Eve Harrison discussed her conversation with the Northeast Harbor Town Manager, Mike MacDonald, and the proposal from Northeast Harbor for renting of the parking lot of 123 spaces.

d. Ed Horvath reported that Sand & Salt is needed for Great Cranberry. Cory Alley to call the Chairman for Islesford's requirements.

e. Planking on the Great Cranberry dock is required. The Chairman is authorized to call in Kleinschmidt Associates, Inc. (Steve Ruel) for an evaluation.

Proposal or bids for repairs to the wharf (decking and supports) will be issued based on this engineering evaluation.

a. Approved and signed the Maine Department of Transportation, Rural Initiative Program Certificvation 2002-2003 reflecting funding to be received in the amounts of: Sept 2002=$2,127, Dec 2002=$2,127, Mar 2003=$2,127, and June 2003=$ 2,127

b. Financial warrants approved:
School payroll: $59,170.92
General bills: $1,685.52
General bills: $22,195.29

Next meeting date set for 4 February 2003 at the Islesford Neighborhood House, commencing at 08:30 AM.


25 MARCH 2003

Meeting commenced at: 8:54 AM

Attendees: All three Selectmen, Town Clerk Frances Bartlett, Beverly Sanborn, Barbara Myer, Eve Harrison, Harvey Bunker, Malcolm Donald, Michael Macfarlan, Kevin Russell, Jessie Minor of Island Institutte, William Dowling, and Edward Gray


1. Consideration of a "Policy & Procedure" for obtaining Parking Permits in 2003 for Northeast Harbor and Manset parking lots; with presentation by Land Management Commission.

[Note: The Chairman opened the meeting with a presentation of the proposed parking policy by the Land Management Commission representatives. A wide ranging discussion followed with comments indicated below. These comments do not, however, represent all that was spoken and are presented as representative of the general tone and substance of the discussion prior to a motion by the Chairman.]

Barbara Myer: Many versions of the proposed policy were worked on to ensure fairness.

David Stainton: Why Registered Voter? Explanations given by Barbara Myer and Eve Harrison with examples of why point system developed, encouraged rentals. David asked about people who own property, pay a lot in taxes but are here only two weeks of the year? Phil Whitney responded with a defense as to the fairness of the system.

Edgar Blank: What about people who own more than one property? Again point system based on the time that specific property is occupied.

Eve Harrison: Had to begin with a starting point, and permanent island residents was that point.

David Stainton: Read a point system offered for consideration by Chris White. Consider a three year period, taxes paid and age of individual to accomodate ability to walk and handicap requirements.

Karin Whitney: Made the point that amount of taxes should not be a criteria. David responded about the length of time here on the Cranberries. Also said that we must maximize the parking spots. Edgar stated that David's suggested alternative has more point criteria but does not maximize utilization.

Phil Whitney: Chris member of LMC and has been kept informed of LMC deliberation. Tried, however, to keep the system simple and fair. Second point: for maximizing utilization there may be some weaknesses which have to be worked out. Myers: Perhaps you need to oversell the spaces allowed.

Kevin Russell: Is it a presumption that most people want Northeast Harbor over Manset? Expressed his frustration over the years for lack of parking and wants LMC to just assign spots for parking regardless of the number of homes owned or amount of taxes paid.

Barbara Myer: Spoke of the policy, which was a repeat of earlier statements made above to which Russell said he was sorry he was late to the meeting and did not hear the earlier comments. He was favorable with the proposed policy and its point system.

Phil Whitney: This is an annual policy which must be reviewed to accomodate changes in parking lot capabilitites, problems experienced, and improvements for fairness.

Stainton: What about parking for employees working on the island but leaving each day for mainland living?

Frances Bartlett: We have been thinking about residences rather than the individual up until now and everyone needs to recognize that car stickers are based on individual applications.

David Stainton: Wouldn't three years living be a better criteria than previous 12 months? LMC would administer the program using volenteers to get the program underway.

Letter to applicants: a. Approval slip, b. for individuals must send in copy of registration, c. questions to Phil Whitney or Richard Beal

MOTION: Moved by Chairman Richard Beal that the letter and parking applications, individual and household, be approved with additions of (a) an approval slip, (b) specific direction on where to send the application, (c) making it mandatory that indivdual send in a copy of the automotive registration, and that Phil Whitney or Richard Beal be the individual to whom questions are posed and (d) that the point procedure be posted for public inspection, plus that the Town Treasurer set aside $400 in administrative expenses for correspondence, windshield stickers and postage for use by the Land Management Commission. Motion was accepted unanimously.

2. Consideration of First Refusal Covenant between The Singh Company and Inhabitants of Cranberry Isles for house next to new Manset

Parking Lot. House under contract but Town has right to purchase for $722,500 no later than 23 April 2003.

Motion: Motion by Selectman David Stainton with second by Selectman Edgar Blank for a special Town Meeting on 4 April 2003. Chairman Beal will prepare a Warrant, obtain signatures and post it by the 27th of March. Town Meeting will be held at the Great Cranberry Fire Club House. Selectman Stainton will contact one or more banks to obain information on financing of $750,000 should the Town voters approve the warrant article for purchase of the Singh House in Southwest Harbor.

Meeting concluded at: 11:19

Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

1 April 2003

Meeting opened at: 8:24 AM

Attendees: All Selectmen, Town Clerk Frances Bartlett, Courtney Chaplin, Barbara Myer, David Thomas, Malcolm Donald


1. Review mintes of 7 January 2003 and 25 March 2003 Selectmen's Meeting minutes:
On 7 January minuates change name of Steve Ruel to its correct spelling. On motion of David Stainton with second by Edgar Blank the minutes were accepted.

2. Open Bid Documents for Parking Lot Construction at Manset, Maine:
a. Timothy Gott bid: $188,400
b. Harold MacQuinn: $227,421
c. John Goodwin Jr. Construction: $176,979

Jeff Crafts asked that the bids be examined for paving costs: Gott: $78,000; Goodwin: $77,371; MacQuinn: $81,878

Independent estimate: $173,300 prepared by CES, Inc. with paving at 71,280.

Move by David Stainton that bids be reviewed with CES, Inc. which was immediately undertaken and Jeff Crafts returned to the meeting at 10:18 AM. Goodwin 2% above estimate from CES and Gott 6% above Goodwin. Loaming, seeding and landscaping at $19,000 by CES, Inc. which was close to the lowest bid offering. Barbara Myer mentioned that she was not pleased with the landscaping portion of the contract. David Stainton asked that we identify the landscaper be it Atlantic, Parsons or Sprague. Further David suggested that we tell Goodwin that we would prefer Atlantic Landscaping to do the work.

Motion: David Stainton moved that Jeff Crafts attend Harbor Committee and Appeals Boards to obtain necessary approvals for the fourth float at Manset. Seconded by Beal.

Motion: David motioned that we accept the John Goodwin, Jr. bid and that Goodwin specify the landscaping contractor that will be used, with possible change orders as to specifics on the work. The Chairman is authorized to sign the contract.

3. Consideration of State Grant Application for Recycling and HHW Projects:
Application for a Waste Management & Recycling Grant is due to the State Planning Office no later than 9 May 2003. These grants require a 50% match, are competitive with other communities, and a 2002 MSW Annual Report must be on file at the State Planning Office before an application can be considered. David Stainton will review and chair the application.

4. Consideration of Repairs at Manset Parking Terminal: LMC Leases Subcommittee:
The following items for repair were provided to Eve Harrision of the LMC Subcommittee:
1. Fire escape from the 3rd floor (there is none)
2. Smoke detectors (there are none)
3. Exterior trim paint (pretty bad shape)
4. All electrical outlets checked as many are loose from the wall.
5. Basement cleaned of spider webs (very scary and a potential fire hazard)
6. Railing from 3rd floor tightened.
7. Leak by chimney in second floor conference room.
8. All thermostats calibrated as they are way off.
9. Rehang cupboard door in first floor mailroom/kitchen

Evaluation of the nine requested repair items at the Hinckly lease building by Eve Harrison:
"Based on leases, leasees are responsible for all interior maintenance with the exception of "reasonable wear and tear". All items should be checked except for #1, 5, and 9. Number 9 is a borderline item which in my opinion we are not responsible for but to get off on a good note we should take care of while Scott McIntire is there."

David moved that Scott MacIntire be authorized to look at the above work and provide quotes to the Selectmen. Telephone conference will be initiated to provide final authroriazation.

5. Consideration of Snow Plowing Specifications for Great Cranberry Island: 2004+:
Getg back in a week with any recommended

6. Consideration of joining Acadia Disposal District per Article 29, Town Meeting 2002:
Frances Bartlett, Town Treasurer, has included on the financial warrant payment authorization of $ to join the Acadia Disposal District.

7. Consideration of Solid Waste Removal Contract Specifications:
Get back in a two weeks.

8. Consideration of proposed John Ingle 200-foot pier (new): Sutton Island:
The State of Maine, Department of Conservation, has issued a Notice concerning a proposed wharf, ramp and floats by a property owner of the Cranberry Isles. Written comments must be received by the Bureau on or before April 6, 2003.

The specifics of this project are:
Applicant: John Ingle

Proposal: To install a 200-foot long pier with a seasonal 48-foot ramp and 16-foot by 24-foot float for private recreational use. The outermost 30 feet of pier, and ramp and float will be located on submerged lands.

Location: This site is located on the north side of Sutton Island near the eastern end of the island. Tax Map 31, lot 10-1 Mr. Ingle's lot is bounded on the west by Barbara Rosenthal, on the east by Sutton Island Property Partners, and to the south by David and Laura Milliken. The wharf or pier is projected at 200 feet in order to get the end of the structure into a depth of water that is a minimum of 2 feet above the mean low water mark and then the ramp and float will extend out into deeper water for sufficient depth for boat landings. The deck of the pier will be 5'-6" wide of steel and wood walkway and at its water end approximately +20.1 feet above mean low water.

The Board has no objection to the proposed dock.

9. Consideration of Request: Renna Colby for Street Light installation: GCI/Pool Road:
Following letter was received by the Board Chairman from Renna Colby, dated 7 March 2003:

"Dear Selectmen of Cranberry Isles,
I am writing to request that a street light be installed outside of my home at 123 Dog Point Road, Cranberry.

The reason I'm asking that this be done is I have two children at my home often and it is very dark even with our porch light on. The other lights on my road do not give off enough light for the whole road.

Thank you,
/s/ Renna Colby

Motion: Move by Beal, with second by David Stainton, to install a street light.

10. Bangor Hydro Permit By Rule: Overhead Utility Application:
Sign a permit by rule agreement which Frances Bartlett fwill complete and send it.

11. Consideration Islesford Bathroom Maintenance Contract dtd 8 OCT 2002:
Signed with town seal applied.

12. Audience Communications:
a. Wharf Storage Shed: Ted Spurling: Heater in the dock shed goes continuously. No timer, should be a radiant heater. Timer and carpet

b. Parking Space: Paul Thormann: Concerned about maybe not having a parking spot under the new policy which was just received. Possibility of more than one car per household when others might not have a change for even one. Feels at risk for no parking spot due to moving off for benefit of his children's education. Fisherman from Islesford but living 9 months in Northeast Harbor. General discussion with members of the LMC addressing the parking policy issues and their meetings. DS suggested that the committee for parking look very carefully at someone who might be rejected, particularly if they have had parking in Northeast for sometime. Discussion of the parking policy by Eve Harrison and the reasoning behind the policy decision. Barbara Fernald suggested that we had to start somewhere and refine the policy as problems arise. Suggested that people livnig ashroe with children should be given considertion for a sticker.

c. Finger floats: Robert Collier has finger floats availabale ( see David Thomas).

13. Financial Warrants: Town Treasurer:
a. Maine Bond Bank: Documents for signatures of Chairman and Treasurer/Clerk pursuant to offering of bonds in year 2003.

b. Warrants:
School: $22,245.61
General Bills: $14,438.62

14. Scheduling of May 2003 Meeting for 6 May (Tuesday @ 08:45 AM), Adjournment:
Meeting concluded at 11:10 AM

Board of Selectmen's Meeting
[Special Session]

16 April 2003

Meeting Opened at: Delay beginning in order to permit Selectman Blank to arrive from Northeast Harbor. Meeting opened at: 9:20 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton and Edgar Blank, plus resident Karin Whitney.


1. Opening of bids for the construction of a 20 by 30 foot marine float for use either within the Town or at the Manset Intermodal Transportation Terminal. Bids due to Town on 15 April 2003.

On motion of David Stainton, with second by Selectman Blank the sole bid from Chalmer Enterprises, LLC. for a bid $13,449.79 was accepted. The Chairman was authorized to issue a contract. Delivery date for this float is 15 May 2003.

2. Review of drawings, specifications, and terms and conditions for the construction of two Sand & Salt Sheds with attached Solid Waste Compaction Shed. Bids due to Town on 5 May 2003.

Comments by Selectman Stainton:
a. Are the sides of sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of a loader running in and picking up sand?

b. Doesn't appear to be any reinforcement in the cement walls, what rebar has been used?

c. Selectman Stainton is taking a set of plan with him to ask questions of Mr. Wriggins, the project architect.

d. Siding material to be reviewed, cedar versus T-111. What is the cost implication?

Note: A revision to the bid documentation was prepared by Selectman Stainton, issued by the Chairman, with a new bid date of 15 May 2003. These bids will be opened at Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting on that date.

3. Review of Manset parking lot construction, status of wharf/float permit extension.
Will need to discuss a minor alteration in the plan and moorings for the floats. This discussion to be scheduled for the 6 May 2003 board meeting.

4. By unanimous vote of the Selectmen, Add to Agenda: Review and approval of a Purchase & Sale Agreement with Village at Hawks Cay, Inc. for purchase of Manset property (Singh Home), pursuant to Article Two of Special Town Meeting 2003- Warrant-A.

Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Singh Home was signed by the three Selectmen. Closure on the purchase will be at the Town Attorney's office, Friday, 18 April 2003 at 10:00 AM.

Meeting closed at: 9:53 AM

Board of Selectmen's Meeting

6 May 2003

Meeting opened at:8:49 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton, Edgar Blank present along with Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett, with following public attendees: Robin Richman, Eve Harrison, Barbara Fernald, Greg Johnston, Bruce Komusin, Beverly Sanborn, Phil Whitney, Carl Brooks, Karin Whitney, plus John W. Goodwin, Jr. contractor for Manset parking lot construction.


1. Review of minutes of 1 April and 16 April Board of Selectmen's Meetings:
On motion of David Stainton, with second by Edgar Blank, the minutes for these two meetings were accepted. As part of the review process Chairman Beal asked the selectmen to vote on a series of articles proposed by Eaton Peabody bond attorney for issuance of the Town's bonds for the Manset property.

2. Consideration of a request by Tina Hinckley to dissolve her lease agreement with the Town as of 5/31/2003 for 3rd Floor space at the Manset property (Hinckley building):
Eve Harrison reported that Ms. Hinckley didn't want to continue at her present location. Eve said that this was a transitional time and she would report Ms. Hinckley's request to the Board of Selectmen. Her exact reasoning remains unknown. Motioned by Edgar Blank, with second by David Stainton, that Ms. Hinckley be released from her lease.

3. Consideration of request by Hinckley Marine Insurance for installation of fiber optics at Hinckley Building, Manset with Town paying 50% of installation over two years through rent reduction:
Discussion with Lee Judd by Eve Harrison reports that Hinckley wants to remain in the Town's building. David Stainton not comfortable with improvement of a private company's capability, rather than something which would benefit Town of Cranberry Isles as improvement to the property. Function and technical specification for fiber optics is required prior to a final decision by the Board of Selectmen. This subject to be pursued further at the June 2003 Selectmen's Meeting.

4. Consideration of LMC recommendation to offer Night Watchman responsibilities to Scott McIntire, current appointed Caretaker of Property:
Currently Scott handles maintenance of the buildings only, plus snow plowing. Any additional duties must be spelled out and covered by modification to his present contract.

Concensus of Selectmen to hire Scott McIntire to serve as Night Watchman.

5. Review of (1) construction progress at Manset Intermodal Transportation Facility, and (2) issuance of parking permits at NEH and Mansel by LMC:
A. Presentation by Clerk of the Works, Greg Johnston of CES, Inc., Southwest Harbor, Maine. Installation of change order 2 for a waste water collection system resulted in loss of two parking spots. All lighting and drainage conduits are in place. Town of Southwest has no problem with modification of wharf permit to handle electrical power and water which are now contained in Contract modification #2. Discussion centered on Hinckley parking and increasing their spaces by four car spaces which would also require removing ledge. CES asked to draw up a change proposal using inputs discussed at Selectmen's Meeting and with the LMC subcommittee. John Goodwin reported there were no paving plants open yet and paving would not be finished by the 15th of May.

B. Robert Maynard wants to install a wooden fence along his property line and have the work undertaken by John Goodwin, Jr. Maynard needs to put his request into the form of a letter and present it to the Selectmen.

C. Issuance of parking permits: Most applicants made the cut and have a parking spot issued based on 218 applicants. Have sufficient spaces for all based on overall total of 260 spaces. Must also provide some parking for the general public with possibility of renting those spaces at night. Trying to get day trippers and workmen to use the Clark Point parking lot to ease burden at the Cranberry Isles lot. Davaid Stainton : First, people be assigned the same spot as they had last year, and second that those that had mooring spots in Northeast be allowed to have a spot this year. In response to statements by Eve Harrison, David Stainton responded with the comment that "If you make someone 'mad' then its going to cost you and you need to make them happy." which should guide us in allocating these spots.

The LMC will provide a priority list for recommended parking in each Town's (Southwest and Northeast) location and it will be up to the Selectmen to provide final approval for the assignments. Should see the final list by Friday, 9 May.

6. Discussion and views of Selectmen for subject matter in proposed July 2003 Newsletter Insert in Mount Desert Islander and Ellsworth American newspapers:
This agenda item not pursued due to insufficient time.

7. Audience communications:
a. Motion: Edgar Blank motioned that Roy Hadlock be authorized to make a bid of $350 per float for four floats offered for sale by Northeast Harbor.

8. Consideration and approval of Financial Warrants:
a. Land Purchase: $722,500.00
b. Deposit land purchase: $36,125.00
c. General bills: $18,616.81
d. School bills: $29,333.25
e. General bills: $339.94
d. General bills: $60,196.82
e. General bills: $516.50

9. Scheduling of Special Selectmen's Meeting 15 May 2003 and regular monthly meeting 3 June 2003; Adjournment at: 11:25 AM.

Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting

15 May 2003

Meeting Opened: 8:48 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton, and Orville Blank, Jr. present along with Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett and members of public: Chris White, Malcolm Donald, Anthony Frazzitta, John Goodwin Jr. Construction representative Jim Hamblin, Bruce Komusin


1. Opening of received bids for the construction of Sand & Salt Sheds on Great and Little Cranberry Islands:
a. Chesterfield Associates: $65,459 Great Cranberry Island, $69,459 Little Cranberry $134,918.00 total for the project.

b. John Goodwin Jr. Construction: $44,603 for Great Cranberry Island, and $44,603 for Islesford, $89,206 for total for the project

Motion by David Stainton that Selectmen sit down with low bidder to discuss the project and apportionment of the costs between various accounts. Goodwin Construction to provide a breakdown of their bid between Solid Waste facility and Sand/Salt Shed facility.

2. Review and discussions on proposed Solid Waste Disposal Contract Specifications for issuance of a bid notification:
a. Term of contract

b. Ownership of the equipment: Town versus Contractor, ownership at beginning and by whom or at end of contract and by whom?

c. Amount of tonnage to be hauled yearly and payment plus amount hauled in 2003 to date.

d. Road side pickup once a month

Motion: by Selectman Beal, with second by David Stainton, that the Selectmen review the proposed contract and discuss it at the 6 June meeting.

Place on agenda for 6 June meeting.

3. Review and discussions on proposed Snow Removal Contract Specification for issuance of a bid notification:
Motion: Moved by Selectman Stainton that the contract proposal be approved as amended. The amended proposal will be issued for open bidding with consideration by the Selectmen of all received bids at their July 1st meeting.

4. Review and discussion on proposed Great Cranberry Wharf Repair Specification for issuance of a bid notification (tentative scheduling):
The draft repair specification package was not received from Kleinschmidt Association in time for this special Selectman's Meeting. We did receive a FAX from a potential bidder: Chesterfield Associates which the Chairman read to the audience. This FAX suggested that the period of performance for this project be timed for late in the summer to permit the successful bidder to order long lead materials and not be hampered by the summer traffic so common to the islands. The Board of Selectmen did receive bid proposals from three local banks regarding their participation in the project with a bid proposal for interest in a four year loan. The results of those bids by these banks are:

Bank Loan Bids:
Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. 1.88% annual for a four year loan.
First National Bank Bar Harbor 3.79% " " " " " "
Union Trust Company 2.49% " " " " " "

Motion: Motion by David Stainton, with second by Edgar Blank, for acceptance of Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. loan bid, with the Chairman to write a letter accepting the loan contingent upon commitment to the project by issuance of a repair contract for bid.

5. Audience Communications
a. Paving on Islesford: David Stainton to call Ring Paving and get them going for early summer work.

b. Phil Whitney: Says Goodwin will not finish paving by today, 15 May. Will be able to prepare area nearest boathouse for parking today and the interim period. Crew will work through Friday to finish as much as possible. Goodwin said painting should be done after the landscaping, but general opinion is that the painting should be done as soon as possible. Richard Beal called the Clerk of the Works to pass along to Goodwin Construction to proceed expeditiously with paving and painting of parking spaces, including into the weekend if necessary, to ensure that the parking lot is completed as soon as possible. David Stainton suggested that Northeast Harbor parking remain open parking until next week but Northeast Harbor wants to hold to the May 15th date. Malcolm Donald will deliver a copy of parking assignments to the Northeast Harbor Dispatcher.

Phil Whitney discussed parking spot issuance decisions and said that he was aware that some parking decisions were made by Selectmen based on other than the parking point system. He believes this to be a dangerous procedure to follow and should be left for next year. Asked for confirmation that some people left in Northeast Harbor who had a lower point count than others asking for Northeast Harbor parking. David Stainton responded with his views on how final review of the system was conducted including the fact that the Selectmen have made some parking allocation decisions on facts other than the point system. Bruce Komusin reviewed the point assignment anomalies. Phil Whitney: Selectmen have not been truthful to the point system and he offered the suggestion as a way out of the selection process by having the Selectmen reverse their decisions and stick with the point system only. Chris White of Great Cranberry took issue with Mr. Whitney and suggested that the Selectmen had a difficult job in making the final selection decisions and dealt with the constituent decisions brought to their attention. Phil stated that he has had a large number of telephone calls inquiring about the ethics of the Selectmen's decisions. Mr. Whitney ended his presentation by issuance of a letter of resignation as Chairman of the Land Management Commission. Motion: On motion of Edgar Blank, with second by David Stainton, Mr. Whitney's letter of resignation was accepted and is made part of this record as an attachment.

c. Karin Whitney: Asked about the status of sale of the former Singh house. Selectman Beal advised that a Purchase & Sale Agreement is being prepared by the Town's Attorney, Anthony Giunta, for presentation to Mrs. Brogman, the potential buyer. Selectman Blank stated that he wishes to keep the house by renting it to the potential purchaser. Selectman Beal pointed out the requirements leveled by the voters at the Special Town Meeting 4 April 2003 for sale only of the property, not renting it as a Town real estate asset. This subject will be discussed in greater detail at the June 2003 Selectmen's Meeting

d. Malcolm Donald: Final parking allocation lists for issuance of Northeast Harbor parking decals is ready. He was told to issue them to Northeast Harbor authorities.

6. Consideration & Approval of Financial Warrants (if any):
General bills: $6,864.08
General bills: $9,329.04
Contractors: John Goodwin Construction $55,126.00
Kleinschmidt Associates: $1250.00

One of the general bills authorized by the Selectmen for payment was $5,220 to Assessor Garry Blanchette. Chairman Beal indicated that Selectman Stainton has recently had a discussion with Garry Blanchette (already paid $10,000) concerning revaluation of the Town and would it be done by June 2003 in time for tax bills. Mr. Blanchette indicated that the project required $40,000 in total funding.

Motion: by Selectman Beal that all appraisals within the Town of Cranberry Isles be increased this year by a rate factor in three categories; to wit: shore property, interior property and commercial property, with David Stainton to talk first to Mr. Blanchette for a determination of the three different rate factors based on Blanchette's preliminary revaluation work earlier this year. The State of Maine has already indicated in correspondence that it lists the Cranberry Isles, based on recent sales of property, as having a tax base of $120,000,000. The Town's current valuation is $82,937,000. The Chairman was instructed to write a letter of confirmation on these suggested rate factors, with three categories of interior, shore and commercial property, for inclusion in Mr. Blanchette's records once advised of the results of Selectman Stainton's telephone call to Mr. Blanchette. This motion was seconded by Edgar Blank and all Selectmen were in agreement.

7. (Time permitting) General discussion of what's to be done concerning repairs/improvements to Great Cranberry Island public toilet facility:

a. Find suitable site for a septic leach field for the Toilet Facility: Suggested Seimer's property and Moss property. Contract with Chris Wriggins for design of a public bathroom facility. David Stainton and Richard Beal to examine the drainage situation and develop a course of action for resolution of this unacceptable public facility problem. In the interim, Selectman Beal is to contact Haslam Inc. for pumping of the septic tank. (Note: contacted 4/15/2003)

Meeting ended at: 11:22 AM .

Board of Selectmen's Meeting

3 June 2003

Meeting opened at: 8:28 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton and Edgar Blank, Jr., along with Town Clerk & Treasurer Frances J. Bartlett, plus Mr & Mrs. Corley, Karin Whitney, Corey Alley, Edward Gray, Courtney Chaplin, Malcolm Donald, Eve Harrison, James Hamblen of Goodwin Construction and Clerk of the Works Greg Johnston of CES, Inc.


1. Consideration of the bid for construction of Sand & Salt Sheds on Great and Little Cranberry Islands.
A. In a letter dated 23 May 2003 received from John Goodwin, Jr. Construction Company (signed by James Hamblen) a breakdown of Goodwin Construction Company's bid was provided as requested by the Selectmen at their Special Selectmen's Meeting of 15 May 2003:

1. Salt Sheds: $48,481.00
2. Solid Waste: $40,725.00
Total: $89,206.00

Additional information contained in this 23 May letter were the bid proposal conditions:
1. Goodwin would furnish material and labor complete in accordance with the foregoing price.

2. Payment: 1/3 down;p remaining 2/3 as work is completed with a net in 10 days.

3. 1 1/2 percent interest after 30 days.

4. 1/3 of the above price is to be paid up front to start the job.
B. Selectman Stainton asked if Goodwin Construction had a breakdown of the bid as to individual components, i.e. concrete, walls, doors, etc. While Goodwin might have done this it was not a requirement of the proposal specification. Selectman Stainton suggested that we talk first with the architect, Chris Wriggins, before further discussion or action. Islesford has first priority on construction. Motion: Move by Selectmen Stainton, with second by Selectman Beal, that Selectmen talk with Chris Wriggins first on construction of one shed with Islesford first priority.

C. Corey Alley asked if a conveyor belt be included into the construction process to assist in the loading of sand into the town truck, plus a bush auger for cleaning of sides of road.

2. Review and discussions on proposed Solid Waste Disposal Contract Specifications for issuance of a bid notification.
a. Corey Alley: Very upset with the trash problem on Islesford. Trash overflowing, barging is nil or not existent. Receptacles need to be on concrete pad with fence around the area. Disposal on a regular schedule. Edward Gray responded to Corey's compliant, however Selectman Beal said that barging services should not hold up removal of the solid waste. Use of Berzinis is mandatory if Beal & Bunker can not provide the services.

b. General discussion: Corey Alley, All Selectmen, Edward Gray, Courtney Chaplin.
1. Need an attendant for each facility.

2. Area of disposal must be fenced in around the facility.

3. Corey reports that use of the facility begins at 0500 and goes until after 1800 hours.

4. C. Chaplin: two topics seem to be under discussion. Number of dumpsters, and fencing of the area/operation.

5. David Stainton: What are the views on roadside pickup. Ed Gray said that he could go back to this method of operation but many would not like to place their material at the side of the road.

6. Ed Gray stated that he would put covers onto the current containers to protect from rain. He also said that he would take a 10 year or more contract for hauling waste. His earlier statements for a 20 year contract has been dropped indicating that he will take less for the price of each year for a longer term. James Hamblen stated that a similar hauling truck purchased by Goodwin Construction last year cost them $65,000.
Motion: On motion of Selectman Beal, with second by Edgar Blank the following is proposed: All voted in favor.

(1) That the rule of competitive bidding be suspended in regard to construction of solid fencing around each of the solid waste collection areas on Islesford and Great Cranberry, with a decision by the Chairman as to pricing for installation. Funding for this fencing to be from the sand/salt shed construction account with installation as soon as possible. Selectman Blank, Corey Alley and Courtney Chaplin layout the Islesford perimeter for the fencing.

(2) That the selectmen meet prior to 16 June for discussion of the solid waste removal specification and this specification be placed on the 16 June Special Meeting.

(3) That Edward Gray, as contractor, be authorized to clean up the properties on each island, with hauling of metal and hazardous waste as a supplement to his contract, including the hiring of attendants and the operation of each facility. Authorizations to be from the Chairman as necessary.

3. Great Cranberry Wharf Repair Specifications.
A. A Contractor's Visit was held at the Great Cranberry public wharf on 27 May with four contractors attending. Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt Associates was in attendance as the Marine Engineer, along with Selectmen Beal and Blank.

B. Selectman Beal filed on 27 May 2003, and received a period of performance approval on 29 May 2003, from the Department of Marine Resources, Augusta, Maine in accordance with Chapter 305 Permit By Rule Standards. The Timing of Activity approval is for: 15 August through 1 December 2003.

C. Selectman Beal has also filed Permit By Rule requests for repair of the dock with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Protection in Augusta. These approvals are pending.

4. Manset property considerations. A. What is the schedule for painting of numbers in the parking spaces? According to John Goodwin Construction the painting contractor indicated on 16 May that the numbering would be undertaken in approximately 2 weeks.

B. The LMC Co-Chairman David Thomas provided several recommendations or comments based on their 5/20/2003 meeting:

1. Prepare, by consulting with CES, Inc., to implement contingency plan to replace Hinckley parking spaces to be lost when/if Southwest Harbor requires the Town to close off the center curb cut. Greg Johnston says it will happen this way. Future recommendations and proposals for a "better" solution will continue with the LMC.

2. The LMC is almost to the point of making recommendations concerning the rental of space in our boat building facilities. As far as a space for Steve Pagels is concerned, it is a minimal space that is a walk through office. $100.00 per month isn't much but we have to charge something. Selectmen decided to charge: $50.

3. Act upon a request by Hinckley Real Estate to have Hinckley Crewed Charter's lease assigned to them. Action: Town Attorney to prepare leases.

4. Review/approve lighting purchase and installation costs. Chris Wriggins contact for fixture purchase. Who will be the installation contractor?

5. Approve painting of front entrance of Hinckley Real Estate building. No estimate gotten at this time. Scott McIntire? Timing request is ASAP.

Action: Selectman Beal call Scott McIntire to inspect and obtain an estimate from three painting contractors. Lights, plan approved with selection of lights. Lighting contractor needs to be selected. Sean Sweeney is the lighting point of contact. Motion: Selectmen Beal moved, with second by Stainton, that CES, Inc. put the lighting plan into final shape and this project be sent out to invited bidders once a clear understanding of the Town's budget was understood. Landscaping: Barbara Myers needs to finalize plant scheme and advise the landscaper.

6. Be aware of/discuss research project to begin immediately on how a part-time / full time town manager and also a manager would function. Research might include public forums facilitated by Jim Connors, State Planning Office, by whom a possible state grant may be worked out, and also other town managers, and the Maine Municipal Association. State Planning offfice forum 10 July to discuss management of the Southwest Harbor property.

6a. Safety issues:
a. Asphalt on ramps and bridges

b. beginning of dock triangular and need to put up railings. from shore to ramp.

c. northern side of lot has a deep ditch behind Bob Brown building (Greg Johnston address)

d. Tie up rails on floats need to be fastened in more secure manner.

e. Waiting room door needs push bar.

7. Caretaker/night watchman position. Comments provided by the LMC Board are:

a. We are not looking for a full time night watchman. We don't feel the facility requires that much attention or surveillance.

b. We are looking for someone close to the facility that can perform certain tasks on a regular basis.

c. These tasks pertain to the Manset facility only. The Joy Road parking lot is not part of this job description.

d. Mr. Scott McIntire is presently in our employ as caretaker being paid $400.00 a month working flexible hours. This remains the same but in a separate contract the following tasks are recommended to be performed 5 days a week:

(1) Early evening (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) check vehicle stickers/boat stickers.
a. Request towing-unauthorized vehicles.
b. Check parking lot, dock area, vehicles, boats, all buildings secured.

(2) Early morning (6:00 AM - 9:00 AM)
a. Repeat 1a, 1b, and 1c

In addition any emergencies will be billed to the town at the rate of $15.00 per hour. You will be on call for such situations but hopefully everyone will get a good night's sleep.

e. Pay schedule as follows:

(1) Night watchman - 20 hours per week guaranteed, with hourly pay of $15/hour for emergencies.

4 hours a day X 5 days a week = 20 hours X $10.00/hour = $200.00 a week

4 weeks a month X $200.00/week = $800.00 a month

Bill for emergency services @ $15.00 per hour.

Bottom line, according to LMC Chairman David Thomas, is $800.00 per month plus bill town for emergency service @ $15.00 per hour.

Contract runs from 5/15/2003 to 10/15/203 and is a contract ikn addition to the caretaker contract.

8. Apartment Rental: is $600.00 a month for 12 months a year, with additional upstairs room space included in the $600.00 price. McIntire is responsible for heaqt and electricity and phone.

This lease will be in place as long as McIntire is in the Town's employ. Lease expires when caretaker/part-time nightwatchman contracts expire or are terminated. Two week notice of termination of contracts required of both McIntire and Town of Cranberry Isles.

McIntire bills Town for all services performed.

Town of Cranberry Isles bills McIntire for all rental services provided.

5. Audience communications.
a. Sewer Grant from State of Maine: Selectman Beal reported that the State of Maine, Department of Environmental Protection, in a letter dated 15 May 2003 and signed by Richard A. Green, Division of Engineering, Compliance and Technical Assistance, Bureau of Land and Water Quality, that a request for State assistance in septic system construction had been approved in the amount of $3000.00. This request was submitted in 2002 by Fred & Allison Hawes on The Lane, Great Cranberry Island. This is a 2003 Small Community Grant Program award which requires signature by the Board Chairman and submission of statements, exhibits and supporting data. Motion: On motion of Selectman Beal, with second by Edgar Blank, Jr., an application for State Grant for Sewage Treatment Work under Title 38: Secion 411 MRSA , as amended is to be made by the Board Chairman in the amount of $3000.

b. Culvert Replacement/Road Work: Selectman Beal reported that he had contracted with Blair Colby of Great Cranberry, on behalf of the Town, to dig out the failed culvert located in the vicinity of the Bracy home and replace it with new culverts. Two culverts with connecting collar have been purchased and are to be delivered to Great Cranberry on 3 June. 8 yard of inch minus gravel has been procured and delivered to Great Cranberry for this project, purchased from Doug Gott & Sons of Southwest Harbor, Maine.

c. Boat stickers: Proof of excise or registration from out of state in order to get a sticker.. Non powered boats need a sticker.

6. Consideration & approval of Financial Warrants.
a. Bills $80,250.30
b. Schools $12,872.75
c. Bills $14,394.36

7. (Time permitting) Road paving and repair specifications.

The meeting concluded at: 11:20 AM with the next regular meeting schedule for 1 July on Great Cranberry Island, commencing at 08:45 AM at the Community Center, and a special meeting for 16 June on Islesford commencing at 08:30 AM.

Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting

16 June 2003

Meeting opened at: 8:32 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton, and Orville E. Blank, Jr. were present along with Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett. Members of the audience consisted of: Beverly Sanborn, Courtney Chaplin (Representing himself and Chesterfield Associates), Karin Whitney, Barbara Fernald, Prock Marine Representative Kenneth Knauer, Malcolm Donald, Chris White, Jessie Minor of Island Institute


1. Opening of bids for public wharf repairs at Great Cranberry Island
Company NameBase bidShelterPiling Replacement
Chesterfield Associates$159,410$19,423$16,248
Prock Marine$158,920$12,190$12,360
Bancroft Construction$187,252$21,000$26,000

2. Continued discussions on proposed Solid Waste Disposal Contract Specifications for issuance of a bid notification:
David Stainton: What affect does the Acadia Disposal District (ADD) Agreement have on the overall contract specification? We are presently only halfway through the final year of the contract with Ed Gray and third, maybe we need a more public discussion how do we do this. How do we proceed with any future improvement to the solid waste collection system? Do we go back to curb side pickup, continue as is, or some mix of the two or something entirely different?.

Frances Bartlett: We need a public hearing with summer people present since they also contribute to the taxes.

David Stainton: We need to put some talking points together for a public hearing in the second week of July, in the Neighborhood House on Islesford.

Courtney Chaplin: Overall contract encourages the contractor to generate more waste for larger contract price.

Fax from Davies Allen of Chesterfield Associates has been received indicating his desire for participation in any future solid waste contract.

3. Consideration and approval of Acadia Disposal District Interlocal Agreement dated May 2003
Chairman Beal read to the audience the stated purpose of the Disposal District Agreement. Beverely Sanborn was then asked to respond to questions related to the district and how the system would operate. The selectmen voted to approve the agreement and Town Clerk Frances Bartlett countersigned as witness and Clerk. A letter appointing Beverly as Town Representative to ADD was authorized by the Selectmen.

4. Audience Communications
A. PERC (Penobscot Energy Recovery Company), Orrington presentation by Greg Lounder of Ellsworth who works as Administrator for the Municipal Review Committee, Inc. representing 160 communities that have decided to send their solid waste to PERC. Peter Prowder, facility manager for PERC and Gary Stacy, facility controller, also of PERC were present to answer questions. Waste material is collected and burned for the production of electricity which is then sold to Bangor Hydro Electric with a distribution of money for this sale is sent back to the various participating municipalities. Discussed charter municipality tipping fees and target value to 2017, showing gross tipping fees and performance credit or funds returned to the towns making up the Municipal Review Committee, Inc.

Dues to MRC have not increased during the past five years and is presently $1.25 per ton. Recyclables are not handled by PERC, such as large bulky items of TVs, furniture, etc. Land fill in Hampden, Maine used as site for all ash resulting from the burning of trash. There is an obligation to take all material to PERC once a contract is signed.

Motion: Chairman Beal motioned that two articles presented by Mr. Lounder concerning participation in PERC and MRC be presented to the voters at the next Special or Annual Meeting, including a copy of the proposed PERC Agreement, be attached to the Warrant; and that these two proposed articles be made a part of this meeting's record. Seconded by David Stainton with concurrence by Orville Blank.

B. Susan Valdina: Islesford Market has just purchased a box van and would like to get a place to park it in one of the parking lots. The Selectmen concurred that a spot in Manset should be made available for the Islesford Market or any other business which is located within the Cranberries.

C. Mr. Merrill: Northwood Road needs to be scraped, perhaps paved. The Selectmen also visited this road at the conclusion of the meeting.

5. Consideration and approval of Financial Warrants:
General Bills: $3342.52

David Stainton agreed to call Garry Blanchette and inquire about the tax bills. David suggested that the Town go out for a public announcement for a new Assessor.

The meeting concluded at 11:30 AM followed by an inspection of Town Land and the solid waste containers located on Islesford. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 1 July 2003 at Great Cranberry Island beginning at 08:30 AM.

Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting

1 July 2003

Meeting opened at: 8:48 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal and David Stainton, with participants from the Town of Karin Whitney, Malcolm Donald, Bruce Komusin, Barbara Fernald and Louise Strandberg. Selectman Orville Blank, Jr. was unable to attend. Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett arrived at 8:50 AM.


0. Review and approve minutes from the two June 2003 Selectmen's Meetings:
Motion: Motion by Selectman Beal to approve the 3 June and 16 June Minutes of Selectmen's Meetings. Selectman Stainton seconded the motion for acceptance. Also on Motion of Beal funding of the supplement in the Newspapers was approved for payment out of the advertising account in LMC fund raising. Motion: Moved by Richard Beal to purchase a FAX machine for Edgar Blank, it will be Town equipment. David Stainton concurred.

1. Opening of bids for Snow Plowing for Great Cranberry Island 2003-2006
Received one bid from Blair Colby with David Stainton and Richard Beal voting to accept the bid.

2. Listing Agreement for Sale of Manset House
Agreement presented to the Board with discussion on the term of the listing which is for one year. Discussion was to accept the one year including the multiple listing feature spelled out in the agreement.

3. Manset Property Questions remaining from June 2003 Selectmen's Meeting
Deferred until 10 July meeting with State Planning Office official.

4. Maine Bond Bank requirements and documentation / AAA Rating

5. Audience Communications:
a. Barbara Myer: Barbara Myers reported progress in laying out the horticultural plantings at the Manset property with the subcontractor: Atlantic Landscaping, Inc. She also discussed irrigation schemes for the remainder of the year, water piping versus soaker hoses. Atlantic Landscaping has sufficient budget in their quote to perform the work required and work will begin soon. Jim Conners is coming on July 10th and during the early afternoon session he hopes to have a planning workshop with the Selectmen and the LMC as part of the planning grant from the State of Maine. Wants to hear what our needs are for this facility. They are offering help with no strings attached. Town is entering a major fund raising period this summer.

b. Selectman Beal: Selectman Beal reported that he had been in communication with Richard P. Flewelling, Senior Staff Attorney, for the Maine Municipal Association in Augusta regarding development of a Job Description for the position of Town Assessor. Based on this work with MMA a draft job description was prepared by Selectman Beal and delivered to the other Selectmen and also the Town Clerk. Selectman Beal asked for its review, revisement or acceptance by the Selectmen in preparation for a general advertisement by the Town for the position of Assessor.

c. Manset Property v. Legal Advice on the Dock and Floats: Dan Chalmers and Doug Beal have been contacted to place some pilings as a beginning to the extension of the wharf prior to the 5 July 2003 expiration. US Army Corps of Engineers is presently reviewing the Town's permit request for safety issues, with an announcement or permit issuance in the next few weeks. David Stainton reported on the facts of the case and his discussions with Dan Chalmers and Town Attorney Anthony Giunta regarding the legal opinion provided to the Town of Southwest Harbor by Chadbourn H. Smith of Bar Harbor

d. Malcolm Donald: Pagel's Manset boat has had problems in making landings at the Sutton municipal dock. Jeff Bowman of Sutton Island has had several problems with getting to the island by the Pagel's boat. David Stainton will work out the problem with Pagel. Second, Pagel wants to try out a night boat operation, specifying the nights and the times. Bruce Komusin will prepare and post a chart for people to sign up indicating their preference of days and times.

6. Road repair and paving status:
a. Selectman Beal delivered an invoice in the amount of $96.00 from Doug Gott & Son for 8 yards of 1" minus gravel used on the new culvert installation in front of the Myer/Dowling residence on Great Cranberry Island (main road work). Two 20 foot culverts (15" diameter) and connecting collar also purchased from EBS Town Hill, with Blair Colby doing the digging and installation work.

b. Tim Ring of Ring Paving Company will be visiting both islands (Great & Little Cranberry) shortly for paving with Selectman David Stainton coordinating.

7. Consideration & approval of Financial Warrants (if any):
a. Bills $42,290.78
b. Bills $20,317.01
c. Schools $8,288.24

The 1 July 2003 Selectmen's Meeting concluded at: 10:41 AM with the August 2003 scheduled for Tuesday, 5 August 2003, at the Islesford Neighborhood House, Little Cranberry Island, Maine. Meeting will open at 08:30 AM.

Solid Waste Management
Open Forum
Islesford, Maine 04646

8 July 2003

Meeting opened at: 4:42 PM

Barbara Fernald, Lynn Mocarsky, David Thomas, Bob Mocarsky, Cheryl Sholl, Mary Baldwin,Mary Myuers, Evelyn Boxley, Jeanne Smith, Frances J. Bartlett, Audrey S. Fisher, Cal Greenier, Helen Dudman, Shirley Thormann, Sally Parrish, Nancy Hellenburg, Courtney Chaplin, Jay Bisgyer, Lynn Bisgyer, Barbara Byrant, Richard Dudman William Dowling
Phil Whitney
Karin Whitney
Robin Richmann
Barbara Myers
(Plus the three Selectmen: Richard Beal, David Stainton & Edgar Blank, Jr.)

Selectman David Stainton opened the meeting with a presentation on the costs associated with Solid Waste removal from the islands for the last three years. Question from the audience asked when the State of Maine banned the burning of household trash. Law went into effect in May 2001.

Richard Dudman asked about the length of the Gray Enterprises contract, and if there had been competition when that contract was signed. David Stainton then presented various problems:

MESS: Amount of trash being left on the ground
LIGHT LOADS: Little weight in the containers when removed from the island.
BARGING: Costs associated with getting materials to the mainland
CONTAMINATION: Batteries, solid construction materials, appliances, tires.

Question: How much of the contamination material should the Town be responsible for removal, and what should be borne by the home owner?

David believes and stated that there are two options: (1) Must switch to compaction of the solid waste. He then presented the statistics on compaction and the amount of material in the containers as they are removed today from the islands. David demonstrated through the figures the significant amount of money required for each container plus the tipping fee. $550 TO 790 per ton. Last year 112 trips = $61,600 while 1/4 of the trip due to compaction would equal $15,400.

Based on a question from Barbara Byrant a comparison was given of costs for the compaction equipment. New truck with compaction equipment = $125,000 and carrying 30 yards. They compact to about 1000 pounds per cubic yard. For fixed transfer stations the equipment would cost about $45,000 with $30,000 for installation equipment including a platform and electrical.

Mary Baldwin: Where does the trash go? David gave the full description, with comments about the Acadia Disposal District.

Helen Dudman: Would it be possible to share compactor trucks with MDI? Seems rediculous to spend money and have the town invest in this equipment.

Robin Richmann: Believes citizens have abused the system. Now everything goes to the dumpsters without regard for the rules. The Townspeople need to be reeducated on how to handle their trash. Wonders if there could be a reeducation program with the Selectmen sending out letters, etc?

Barbara Fernald: Could we go back to roadside pickups so that the type of material could be controlled? The remaining items then are held until a special pickup is provided or a private contractor picks it up. Barging problems have oftetn prevented pickup on the appointed day. Contractor does not always pickup on the appointed day.

Edgar Blank: Need to limited the time that dumping is permitted, but various residents stated that then the material would be left by the fence or front of the facility.

Robin Richmann: Perhaps it would be best to have roadside pickups, but the abuse by townspeople is the most essential problem to solve first, since fencing is not going to solve the problem. A volume charge was suggested whereby each of the island stores would have their own containers to put their waste. Made a case for Ed Gray's continuing with his proposal, and that the whole problem was Towns people.

General Comment: Communications is required. Criticism about Ed Gray not providing information on what the rules are and what was expected of each household. Just found out that plastics and some recyclables are now taken when before they were not. Renters need to be briefed on what to do with solid waste so that it is handled it correctly.

Mary Baldwin: Believes that there is a health problem with the current facility. A fence is needed, compaction equipment, or some other means of controlling the waste material on the ground and smell. Need some type of stairs for the recyclable containers.

Barbara Fernald: Could there be some incentives in the contract so that the Contractor will seek means of reducing the number of trips?

Barbara Myers: First time that she finds that citizens have to deal directly with the trash man rather than the Town not be the focal point.

David Stainton: Should the Town take responsibility for universal waste? We are already paying for it. Do we need a separate container for hazardous waste?

Helen Dudman: We should make a decision that compaction equipment is required.

Robin Richman: It would be a dangerous precident to give business to an off island company or another town. Spoke affirmatively about getting a compaction system.

David Stainton: In response: first, ownership of the compaction equipment is complicated. Who owns it when the contractor fails? or Dies, or goes out of business? Several decisions on how to proceed. Comment from audience that a fence is definitely needed.

Richard Dudman: Wouldn't be best to rent the compactor from the Town or from a compactor company? Purchase of a compactor is out of the question for a small Town like ours.

Robin Richman: If Ed Gray or anyone else wants to go into a compaction system, buy the equipment, and have a contract reviewable every three years.

David Thomas: Would have a cafeteria style of service. Road side pickup, compaction, special pickups. Would try to arrange curbside when barging is more available. Also containers for cardboard.

Karin Whitney: Why don't business have their own containers and pay separately.

Bill Dowling: A contractor owned compaction system is the best idea.

Board of Selectmen's Meeting
Town of Cranberry Isles

5 August 2003

Meeting opened at: 8:30 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton & Orville Blank, Jr., plus Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett. Members of the audience were: Louise Strandberg, Karin Whitney, Mike Phillips, Sig Harrison, Mary Baldwin, Eve Harrison and 37 other people


1. Review and approval of 1 July 2003 Board Meeting
Motion: On motion of David Stainton, with a second by Orville Blank, Jr., the minutes for the 1 July 2003 board meeting were accepted without modification.

2. Review and approval of Lease between Town and Great Harbor Yachts, Manset (Hank Hinckley, President)
Selectman Stainton suggested that an escalator clause to be included using the Commerce Department's CPI as a guide. Any increase to be borne by the tenant.

Motion by David Stainton, second Blank, to issue the lease as written with escalation clause.

3. Review of letter from Hinckley Marine Insurance (Lease extension, request for reimbursement fiber optic installation, open issue on parking).
Accept the lease extension, write to Mr. Judd about what benefit to town is to be derived by the installation of this fiber optic, and determine who authorized it, and finally ask them to please explain the parking issues of concern.

4. Petition request (61 signatures) by property owners/residents of Little Cranberry for clearing the former ditches and outlets to the sea: mosquito control.
Presentation by Sig Harrison was given to discuss their petition to the Town Selectmen. He stated that the residents are very concerned about the possibility of West Nile disease. He request that the Selectmen obtain cost estimates for the draining of ditches and clearing of culverts on Little Cranberry. He asked that we authorize $750 for ordering dunks and dragon flys in April for application. This will have to be a warrant article for the March 2004 Town Meeting. He also asked for authorization of $750 for bat houses, authorization of a Mosquito Commissioner. Mr. Harrison stated that the Town had a Commissioner for the past 30 years to keep this eradication program organized.

Doug Mills is beginning his tests of dunks with lobster larvae.

Mary Baldwin spoke about the Mount Desert Biological Laboratory and potential for help from them. She read from the lab's brochure on their purpose and work in the study of environmental problems. She also stated that bats carry rabies and we should be careful.

A general comment from the audience that having school children conduct experiments is not the appropriate method. It should be done scientifically. As for the ditches, the larvae were floating on the water surface and it was most evident of their growth in this medium. A physician from Islesford spoke concerning the health hazard posed by the mosquitos. He spoke about the crow populations and recently discovered bird in Surry, Maine last year that contained West Nile virus. He also recommended clearing of ditches. Spoke also of therangansis bacteria for the control of two winged insects and its low toxicity to humans.

Mike Phillips, a representative from Sutton Island, spoke for Sutton as to having a mosquito problem and the need for ditch opening on their island.

Mary Baldwin reported that land across from the Islesford pit, owned by Herb Stroup, has become a dumping ground for trash, plus the gravel pit is a mess! Another comment was for solar powered pond fountains.

Eve Harrison recommended that the Selectmen appoint a Mosquito Commission and Selectmen Beal asked for any suggested. Beal stated that of the approximately 110 people that were permanent residents on the two island, very few were available to do the job and even less that would volunteer. The Selectmen needed time to work this issue and would discuss it further at the September monthly meeting.

Sig Harrison summed up his suggestions:

a. obtain ditching cost estimates

b. appoint a mosquito commissioner

c. authorize board of selectmen to appropriate funds and build bat boxes and buy dragon flys

Motion: Moved by David Stainton to appoint a Mosquito Commissioner, obtain adequate maps of the area involved., describe the area to the DEP and that we will proceed unless directed otherwise, appropriate funds up to $2000 for commencement of work, and take all other actions appropriate to resolve the problem. Seconded by Edgar Blank. David stated that his motion was applicable for all of the Town and its islands.

5. Audience Communications:
a. Appointment of 3 to 5 member Municipal Facilities Authority. Volunteer from Mike Phillips, POB178, Seal Harbor, Me. 04675 FAX 404-881-6254, 207-276-5470. Eve Harrison also volunteered. This item to be on the September 2003 board meeting.

b. Selectman Beal talked about Pritam Singh and his recent accident on Tinker Island which has prevented him in the last couple of days to respond to my letter concerning a gift to the town of $25,000. Beal also reported that Tim Thomas of Knowles Real Estate said that he had shown the house property in Southwest Harbor 9 times and that the only negative was the apartment in the rear, and that perhaps the Town would entertain a possible entrance move for the apartment thereby giving a new owner the driveway as part of the house purchase. Knowles was told to talk positively about this possibility when asked and to present any options to the Selectmen in order to make this sale a reality.

c. Sutton Island: Ferry service, ditches and fire service were of prime concern to the Sutton representative, Mike Phillips. Sutton contributes $179,000 of taxes with the Town of Cranberry Isles contributing $4,000 in return. Five members of the Sutton community came to this meeting and expressed concerned about fire protection, a fire pond, and certainly some official representation in the new parking lot by having the Pagel Boats come on a regular basis. Sutton wants some guarantee on being able to come and go to Southwest Harbor. Their most important issue is fire protection. Shaw Howell stated that Sutton has a mature forest and ecological conditions have changed in the last 20 years, making the issue of fire prevention more important. They suggested production of a public telephone book with garbage and other regulations. Donny Haslum for trash removal from Sutton is also of concern.

d. Scott Porch of Islesford spoke about summer youth and the party activities being held on the beaches late at night without supervision. Star Bright also spoke on the issue.

Motion: Selectman Beal motioned to hire Richard Gaither as a Town Police Officer, sending him to the State of Maine police academy, and purchasing uniforms and equipment as necessary. David Stainton seconded the motion with concurrence by Edgar Blank. Note: Hancock County Sheriff William Clark was contacted on the afternoon of 5 August and willingly agreed to sponsor a Cranberry Isle candidate to this police academy, and would conduct the necessary background investigation as a precursor to this training.

6. Review and approval of Treasurer's Financial Warrants.
a. School payroll: $26,156.67
b. Bills $25,679.49
c. Bills $29,300.53

7. Consideration of appointment of a "Comprehensive Plan" Committee
Selectman Beal read his draft letter to Property Owners announcing the creation of a Comprehensive Plan committee. The other selectmen approved the letter and authorized its issuance.

Motion: By Orville Blank, with second by David Stainton, to issue a letter under signature of the Chairman. Courtney Chaplin volunteered to participate.

8. Municipal Fire Protection (time permitting): Open discussion
In conjunction with the input received from Sutton Island residents concerning their views on fire protection requirements, Selectman Beal suggested that the Town needed to address as a community the problem of not having proper fire protection. He stated that this is a municipal issue and should be thoroughly explored to determine what the voters wanted to do, including funding issues, to develop a system of fire protection for Great and Little Cranberry Islands, as well as some form of fire protection support for Sutton Island. Beal suggested that perhaps it was time for the Town to hire a fire department staff and man fire houses on the two big islands. In the interim Beal said that he would contact Swans Island's fire department and gather more facts.

9. Islesford General Store Liquor License Approval (State of Maine Application).
Further examination of documentation produced by Susan Valdina indicated that this material was not applicable, and after she called the Maine State Safety Office, they concurred in this appraisal. No further action taken.

This meeting concluded at 11:15 with the September meeting scheduled for 2 September 2003 at the Community Center, Great Cranberry Island.

Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

2 September 2003

Meeting commenced at: 8:32 AM

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal, David Stainton, and Edgar Blank, plus Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett. Members of the audience were: Phil & Karin Whitney, Cindy and Dan Lief, Susan Ward, Hal Newell, Malcolm Donald, Frank Reese, Joseph Delafield, Chris White, Naomi McShea, Fred Day. Ev Shorey.


1. Review and approval of 5 August 2003 Board Minutes.
On motion of Edgar Blank with second by David Stainton the minutes of the 5 August 2003 board meeting was approved.

2. Appointment of a 5 member "Municipal Facilities Commission" with discussion of their responsibilities related to property management.
Motion by Chairman Beal as attached:

David Stainton: Has the Town Attorney reviewed this motion?

Dan Lief: "municipal activities to include but not be limited to"

Mike Phillips: Property insurance is a problem

Chris White: Need some means of a transition from the LMC to the new commission and not wait until March 2004

Carl Brooks: Too much of a catch all both outside and inside of the Town. Set up a public safety committee.

Owen Roberts: Manage with the Selectmen vice coordinate.

David Stainton: Include language which leaves open the topics that are to be managed. Specific objectives.

Barbara Myers: Over whelmed in getting parking facility up and running. Found that 20 hours per week was often not enough.

Chris White: Don't see a balance in the commission makeup.

Frank Reese: Volunteered because he was asked.

Dan Lief: Commission makeup should be proportional

Hal Newell: Asked about commission charter being drawn from another community's experience, are the funds available to the commission without restriction, and are goals of commission from the voters?

Mike Phillips: Contribute 20% of the taxes and get $4,000 in services. Also spoke about Pagels' ferry service to Sutton Island and fund raising from the Sutton Island residents.

Fred Day: Need a budget and finance committee for the Town.

Dan Lief: Need a Public Safety Committee as well as a finance committee. Seek out a finance committee. 3 from Islesford, 3 from Cranberry and 1 from the other three islands. This commission will include other members of the community for a finance subcommittee.

Carl Brooks: Lot of expertise in the community and he has been asked to participate in several committees, but they are not approaching membership from the expertise point of view. Just looking for another pair of hands. Must look more critically at the skills levels of various members of the community.

Phil Whitney: LMC set up with selection of members by Phil to accomplish specific tasks. Too few members for the tasks to be accomplished. Don't have a lot of subcommittees. Keep it simple with three members but broad based in expertise. Keep up with communications.

Dan Lief: This is a watershed event. Keep the seven member commission but go to others as the needs dictate.

Sig Harrison: Once to discuss mosquitos.

David Stainton: Appoint a commission with a limited task until .

3. Appointment of a "Mosquito Commissioner" with further discussion on cleaning of ditches and drains on Little Cranberry Island.

Sig Harrision: Called out attention to the Bar Harbor Times article about West Nile virus in Tremont. Must recognize this as a Public Health problem. Rick Alley has volunteered to head up a team to unclog the ditches on Islesford. $2000 authorized at last Selectmen 's meeting and Sig suggested this should be increased by another $3000 for $25 per hour for two to three weeks.

David Stainton: Town authorized to pay $12 to $20 per hour to employees, however, a contractor can be paid more.

Mike Phillips: Sutton Island also has ditches to be opened and drained.

4. Report on major asphalt paving on Little Cranberry Island, and repair work on Great Cranberry Island. Not discussed

5. Status of Real Estate Sale, Manset property. Not discussed

6. Audience Communication.
a. Extension of Friedman Associates Contract. Motioned by David Stainton to approve with second by Edgar. To date amount collected is $71,820.40 with extention of contract until 31 December 2003.

b. Sale of the shed for $400.00 to Jeff Wadsworth who will remove the shed at his own expense.

c. Carl Brooks: Raised with IRS problems with the Manset property for fund raising. Totally illegal: Cross wise with IRS for donations being tax deductible to the donors. Must request a ruling from the IRS. Also a letter to the Town Attorney to address this problem. Carl submitted a letter stating the issues.

7. Review and approval of Treasurer's Financial Warrants.
a. Bills: $198.00
b. Land Management: $9,198.79
c. Bills: $25,161.65
d. Schools $30,466.69
e. Bank & Police $4,016.27

8. Municipal Fire Protection (time permitting): Open discussion

Dan Lief: Real problem with not enough winter residents to properly staff the firehouse. Need medical assistance for Islesford, possibly an ambulance. Missing a Town employee to handle the day to day . Need real people to do the work such as scheduling of classes. Carl Brook volunteered to work on a fire committee.

Phil Whitney: Suggests that if a part time administrator is to be hired, that his qualificaion be of Public Safety including fire protection.

Chris White: Asked what practical things could we do as a community for fire protection? Need fire extinguisher at each exit in a home with inspections by the fire club members.

Carl Brooks: Wants to hire Blair Colby to go to Islesford and work on their equipment regardless of the fact that it is a private fire club and their equipment is not owned by the municipality. Talk with Ed Gray's father on Town Manager position and job description.

Joe Delafield: Increased communication is needed but not a special Town Meeting.

9. Motion by the Chairman to authorize a "Municipal Immunization Program for Influenza and Pneumonia in 2003" as conducted in past years. Passed.

10. Adjournment, next meeting 7 October 2003 at Little Cranberry Island, Islesford Neighborhood House at 12:37 PM .

Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

7 October 2003

Attendees: All Selectmen and Town Clerk, Mike Phillips, Karin Whitney, Louise Strandberg, Eve Harrison, Malcolm Donald, Owen Roberts, Janet Roberts, Joe Delafield and Ed Gray

Meeting commenced at: 8:38 AM


1. Review and approval of 3 September 2003 Board Minutes Moved by David, with second by Edgar for approval.

2. Review of applications and selection of Town Assessor (Contract Position)
Motion by Beal for a two year contract, with extension to five years. Details to be fleshed out later. Appointed RJD Appraisal of Pittsfield, Maine

3. Appointment of substitute member to Municipal Facilities Commission: Lise Pratt for Eleanor Bright, and approval of MRC Charter
Motion by Edgar to accept Lise Pratt for Eleanor Bright on the Municipal Facilities Commission, with second by David Stainton. Malcolm Donald, Chairman of the MFC presented a draft of a MFC charter with copies to audience members. Two words were added to the charter for clarity: "facilities" being added in paragraphs 1 and 5. On motion of Edgar with second by Stainton, the charter will be prepared for formal signature by all three selectmen, and also included in the Town Report for March 2004. Vote on membership to be in the Warrant.

4. Report on major asphalt paving on Little Cranberry Island, and repair work on Great Cranberry Island (The Pool Road)
Tim Ring to come on 27th of October on Little Cranberry with following on to Great Cranberry.

5. Sand & Salt Shed Contruction, Design Modifications, Specifications.
David Stainton said that two things were to be done: (1) separate sand and salt sheds from waste disposal, and (2) work up scheme for construction of the sand & salt sheds. Need to rebid the carpentry contracts. Ed Gray: Has any review been conducted with contractors of waste disposal for a pole constructed shed? Base to be asphalt in the shed. Mr. Gray disagreed with the style of construction since he believed back of shed would be pushed out by vehicles and soft floor would be dug out by front end loaders. Stated that a pole barn is not a good idea from long term use of the building. EMR in Southwest Harbor has waste material dumped in center of a building and then moved as required but no pressure placed on sides of buildings. Question from Eve Harrision about State requirements with a response by David Stainton. Audience input was favorable for a concrete building for ease of construction and long term maintenance. David Stainton will continue with the project. Use two containers from Ed Gray for Islesford storage of sand/salt mix.

6. Operations Budget & Warrant Articles, First Review for 2004
a. Persons desiring to make a budget request or propose a Warrant Article for consideration at the Town Meeting in March 2004 should make said presentation orally and in writing at this meeting.

b. Consideration of Warrant Budget Committee: Persons desiring to prepare and recommend proposed 2004 budget should make their interest known to Selectmen
a. Bi-Monthly report from Kimberly Keene required ,with $200 dollar increase per month beginning 12:01 PM in 2004.

b. Increase Sutton Island (Don Havener) waste contract from $1600 to $2200 beginning in 2004

c. Add category for Fire Protection, including medical response capability, for warrant. Possible hiring of Town employees to staff fire stations.

d. Change of Town's fiscal year approved by the Selectmen and to be included in the warrant. Call MMA for their package on fiscal year change. Add as a topic for the November 2003 selectmen's meeting.

e. Job description for Maintenance Supervisor, check with MMA, salary $32,000 to $45,000 range. Committee authorized to hire a lawyer, prepare leases with Scott McIntire, and offer a job description.

f. Selectman Blank requested that an Article for keeping the Singh home in Southwest be developed and placed into the Warrant 2004 based on input from a number of Islesford residents.

Public debt:
$2,400,000 Land acquissition
$240,000 Islesford dock
$186,000 Cranberry dock
$750,000 Singh home


7. Audience Communications
a. Selectman Beal advised of the driving and drinking problem with H---- B---- --- [see original document for name - BK] in response to several compliants from island residents. Will speak to the District Attorney on best approach to advise Mr. B---- that he has no driving privileges on any roads.

b. Solid waste disposal specification presented by David Stainton. Proposal to be on the November agenda.

8. Review and approval of Treasurer's Financial Warrants
a. Bills $86,201.06
b. Bills $66,994.37
c. School $28,386.74
d. Bills $90,000 plus

9. Municipal Fire Protection (time permitting): Open discussion
General discussion concerning the need for protection, with Selectmen in agreement to put this topic before the voters at the next Town Meeting. A Warrant 2004 Article will be developed for the Board of Selectmen to review.

10. Adjournment at 11:20 AM, next meeting 5 November 2003 at Great Cranberry in the Community Center.

Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

5 November 2003

Time started: 9:00 AM

Attendees: All Selectmen and the Town Clerk, Ed Gray, Tony Frazzitta, Karin Whitney, Christopher White, Cynthia and Dan Lief, Michael Phillips, Malcolm Donald, Courtney Chaplin


1. Review and approval of 7 October 2003 Board Minutes:
Discussed the letter received from RDJ Appraisal dtd 29 October 2003 by Mr. Roger W. Peppard, Town Assessor. David Stainton motioned to accepted the premise of this letter and the approach proposed for corrective actions involved with establishing solid assessment records, with Edgar Blank seconding the motion. The RJD Appraisal letter is to be made part of this record and was passed by separate fax to the Selectmen and Town Clerk in the Chairman's FAX dtd 31 October 2003.

2. Solid Waste Disposal, Specifications & Contract Content:
David Stainton reviewed his "Solid Waste Removal Proposal & Contract" dtd 1 November 2003, covering each of the significant points. A open question and answer procedure was followed so that audience members were able to participate in real time. Town Attorney Anthony Giunta is also reviewing the document. Cost of equipment, amortization of equipment, and costs to the contractor should the Town cancel the contract earlier than the 9 year limit was discussed. Dan Lief suggestion that costs associated with terminating a contract early and burden on the Town needs to be considered carefully. Michael Phillips, Sutton Island, provided a response to the financing questions associated with the contract and early termination. Disposal at EMR or other sites was briefed. Failure to perform with the Contractor unable to cure the default could result in the Town having to take over the facility and equipment; research required on the price of the equipment, assumed ownership by Town with no cost or partial price to the Town. Hazardous waste also discussed, with Tony Frazzitta telling the audience that we, the citizens, are bringing this hazardous waste onto the island and must bear the burden of getting rid of it themselves.

Dan Lief: What type of transfer station building will occur, is there guidance to the Contractor? Answer: no guidance to the contractor, its an open question for the moment. He would like to see some type of specification for the building in view of the location on Islesford. Building must be on town land with limited options for Islesford.

Malcolm Donald: What have we learned from work on the Sand/Salt Shed specification development? Solid Waste must be disconnected from the Fire Department building.

Eve Harrison: Need minimal sanitation specification and then get on with issuance of the proposal.

Chris White: Could the fire station move?

Eve Harrison: Make a fire pond and skating rink should be considered for the Islesford gravel pit.

Chris White: Totally agree with Richard Beal and his statements on how the contract should be issued. Richard Beal: Contract specification should be wide open for the contractor to respond to and to demonstrate who has the best idea.

Courtney Chaplin: Mr. Chaplin disagreed with the Board Chairman, stating that the Town should specify everything, not leave it to the potential contractor.

Tony: Have the contractor use the available land only, no moving.

Barbara Fernald: Isn't the Fire Building a little "over qualified" to be a Solid Waste Building?

Chris White: Use the current location and the bidder proposes the best solution and presents it with associated costs. The Fire Department movement is a separate subject and should not be used as part of the current discussion.

Motion by Beal: Moves that the current specification (i) complete its review by the Town Attorney; (ii) that it be issued indicating no electrical requirement; (iii) that it have a basic sanitation clause; (iv) that the current Solid Waste contract be extended to 1 July 2004 and that there be a return date on the proposal of 16 December 2003. This motion was seconded and approved by the other Selectmen.

3. Discussion/Audience Input
re: Change of fiscal year from 1 Jan-30 DEC to 1 July - 30 June; 6 month v 18 month transition Have the Town Meeting on 15th of August. or second Sunday of August. Provide options on the date.

4. Operations Budget & Warrant Articles, Second Review for 2004:
Need to put into budget the position of Assistant Town Clerk.
a. Change the date of the meeting from 8 to 15 March 2004
b. Need input from MFC on plan, due by 15 January 2004
c. Hire a court reporter for the Town Meeting.

5. Audience Communications: None

6. Approval of State documents presented by Treasurer:
No documents presented.

7. Municipal Facilities Commission:
Approval of Leases & Associated Topics: Dropped as an Agenda item at request of MFC.

8. Review and approval of Treasurer's Financial Warrants
a. Bills $1,387,993.20
b. School $ 9,767.23
c. School $ 11,760.68
d. Bills $ 16,766.04
e. Bills $ 8,488.25

Total: $1,434,775.20

9. Municipal Fire Protection (time permitting):
Little discussion due to time constraints. Each fire club is preparing a letter to the Board of Selectmen for use in developing a budget for the 2004 Fiscal Year, in addition to which the Chairman stated that he had prepared Article 22 for review and a vote at Town Meeting 2004 concerning institution of a Municipal Fire Department for the Town.

10. Adjournment: next meeting 16 December 2003 at Little Cranberry Island.
While several audience members left to ride the 11:15 AM mail boat, this meeting did not conclude until 1:40 PM.

Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

16 December 2003

Time started: 8:29 AM

Attendees: Selectmen and Town Clerk, David Thomas, Michael Westphal, Jessie Minor, Karin & Phil Whitney, Courtney Chaplin, Bruce Fernald


1. Review and approval of 5 November 2003 Board Minutes:
Motion by David Stainton to accept the minutes as provided for review, with a second by Edgar Blank.

2. Solid Waste Disposal Proposal; Opening of bids and Award of Contract:
Two proposals were presented to the Board; one from Edward Gray delivered by the Town Clerk and the second by Courtney Chaplin, who delivered his directly to the Board of Selectmen. Selectman Stainton, who is supervising the specification and bidding process advised the audience that the Board would be taking the two proposal under advisement in order to study them, since each presented a different solution to the Town's specification package for the handling and disposal of Solid Waste. The top level amounts bid were:

a. Courtney Chaplin: $67,000 per year for the 180 tons of the base amount of waste. $750 per annum for all fixed equipment. Added tonnage removal of $750 per 15 ton unit and $1.25 per mile. 55 yard containers were proposed for storage and removal of waste from the islands, with the containers removed on a roll on - roll off truck. Total: $67,750

b. Gray Enterprises: $75,000 per year for the 180 tons of the base amount of waste. $12,000 per annum for all fixed equipment, added tonnage is $0, and milage is $0. Mr. Gray is proposing a trash compactor system with new holding containers of approximate 30 yard size, with a trash compactor on each island. Total is $87,000

Motion by Beal to extend final decision and selection until 6 January 2004, seconded by both board members. In the interim David Stainton will review each package and put together a written comparison of the two proposals.

3. Operations Budget & Warrant Articles, Third Review for 2004:
a. Persons desiring to make a budget request or propose a Warrant Article for consideration at the Town Meeting in March 2004 should make said presentation orally and in writing at this meeting.

MOTION: Chairman Beal motioned that the Annual Report 2003 be printed by Pioneer Print, Inc. of Ellsworth, Maine; this firm has produced Cranberry Isles reports for the past three years and has been professional in their product. This report will also contain the Warrant 2004 for review by all property owners as well as voters and further that the Town Clerk is authorized to mail this report to all property owners and voters. David Stainton seconded along with concurrence from Edgar Blank.

Chairman Beal read the entire Warrant 2004 as presently drafted to the audience and discussed each of the line items which he felt might be of some interest or concern to the voters this year. He advised the audience that the budget proposed is $1,000,010 without inclusion of the school budget.

Bruce Fernald asked where the warrant article was to be found for consideration of the new vehicle disposal ordinance. Chairman Beal stated that he had not written it yet but would do so in the next few days. A discussion then ensued concerning the number of abandoned automobiles, along with unregistered autos, on Islesford.

4. Review of proposed Mount Desert Parking Lot Lease:
Discussion by Eve Harrison as to her negotiations with Town Manager. Motion by Beal to approve the language and sense of the lease as written but not to sign until approvals from the Mount Desert Selectmen and voters has been achieved. David Stainton seconded this motion and Edgar Blank concurred.

5. Review of proposed Service Agreement with Gary Friedmann & Associates:
Motion by David Stainton, second by Edgar for passage with change in paragraph 3. showing the Selectmen approving out of pocket expenses above $200.

6. Review and approval of Treasurer's Financial Warrants:
a. Land Management $20,374.73
b. Paul O'Halloran $15,780.00
c. School Dept $12,990.86
d. Prock Marine - Blair Colby $43,246.88
e. Balloting /Tax Collector $30,302.74
f. Bills $ 9,282.36
g. Bills $16,840.28
h. Courtney Chaplin $ 150.00

Total: $148,817.85

7. Municipal Fire Protection: Proposal from State Examiner/Fire Agent:
No discussion due to time constraints.

8. Audience Communications:
a. Phil Whitney offered a proposed Warrant 2004 article which would change the number of Selectmen from 3 to 5, stating that if this happened then more citizens would run for selectmen, and that they would not have to attend all of the meetings. Bruce Fernald stated that it was hard enough to get three individuals, where would they get five? The Selectmen voted unanimously to include in the Warrant 2004, after the base warrant was finished, a section called "Sense of the Voters" whereby this topic could be discussed and a straw vote taken. Chairman Beal read the law concerning the procedure for changing a town's number of selectmen, indicating that pursuant to Title 30-A, M.R.S.A. Section 2526(4), the voters would first have to meet at least 90 days prior to a regular Town Meeting and if a positive vote was achieved, then the Town could elect the new members if that was the previous vote.

b. Agenda item: David Thomas, a member of the Islesford community and a trustee of the Island Institute advised that Jessie Minor's duties would be ending next summer and if we wanted to have a replacement then a goal and project needed to be established. The Selectmen will discuss this at their 6 January 2004 meeting.

9. Adjournment at 11:15 AM; next meeting scheduled for 6 January 2004 at Great Cranberry Island at the Community Center.

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