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2005 Cranberry Isles Report
by Richard Beal

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Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

4 January 2005

Attendees: Selectmen Richard Beal and David Stainton, with Town Clerk Frances Bartlett and Deputy Clerk Denise McCormick. Selectman Blank was absent. Community members present were: Hugh Smallwood, Karin & Phil Whitney, Eve Harrison, Malcolm Donald, Barbara Fernald, Christopher White, Louise Strandberg, Robin Richman and Gaile Colby.

Meeting commenced at: 0845 AM


1. Review minutes of the 8 December 2004 BOS Meeting: On motion of David Stainton the minutes were accepted as written. A copy is on file with the Town Clerk.

2. Town Treasurer's Financial Warrants

a. Signed a letter to Bar Harbor Banking & Trust authorizing an additional deposit of $690 to the Hadlock Stanley Cemetery Trust CD#661165. Originally authorized in Treasurer's Warrant #44

b. Two warrants signed by the Selectmen to end the 2004 fiscal year. Treasurer Bartlett advised that she and Deputy McCormick were in the process of closing the books for 2004 and that our financial consultant from Coston & McIssac would assist them on Wednesday, 5 Jan 2005.

c. The selectmen approved using "Advanced Payroll Plus" of Bangor Savings Bank which will handle all of the town's payroll, including the school department. Advanced Payroll Plus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangor Savings. This action will introduce consistency and compliance to the generation of all payroll documents in compliance with state and federal requirements.

d. Treasurer Bartlett indicated that she had received another request from MBNA asking about the $12,000 grant they had given to the Town and how was it spent in regard to the Sand & Salt Shed project. This was a grant Chairman Beal obtained three years ago for a solid waste shelter on his Sand Shed, but since then the new Solid Waste Removal Contract was undertaken, and the proposed sheds from MBNA would be for cardboard storage until removal from the islands. The Sand & Salt Shed projects have yet to be completed and the State of Maine (DEP) has now placed the Cranberry Isles in Priority Category 2 for need of action. In that regard the State DEP has some funds which they are offering to loan to various Category 2 Towns to undertake shed replacements. The Cranberry Isles already has $60,000 raised by the voters in prior years, we just need to get on with this project, since an earlier attempt failed when the received construction bids came in for one shed at twice the cost for the funds available ($146,000). Selectman Stainton suggested that the Chairman write a letter to the State indicating our interest in borrowing funds in order to keep the door open on this topic and demonstrate our interest to the DEP.

3. Fifth call for, and consideration of, Warrant 2005 Articles:

a. 2005 Financial Budget: Chairman Beal presented a draft "2005 Warrant" indicating that he had used suggested budget figures prepared by the Town Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, with guidance and recommendations from the Town's financial counsellor, Thomas McCormack, CPA, of Coston & McIsaac. The format of this proposed budget is based on the newly installed accounting system, with TRIO municipal software, that complies with Government Accounting Standard Board, Rule 34. Several assumptions have been made: for example, (1) the School Budget for 2004 has been inserted until the 2005 budget is received; (2) Solid Waste costs reflect 2004 costs of approximately $150,000 since the Town is in the middle of bringing on a new trash compactions system with Transfer Station Licensing, while operating on the old system with a contract extension to Gray Enterprises. The license application for a Transfer Station on Great Cranberry Island is pending approval by the Department of Environmental Protection. A copy of this application was offered for inspection to the audience (2 inches thick with documentation); (3) repairs to the Sutton municipal wharf and clearing of the approach channel was included for $34,000, plus several minor adjustment. With these assumptions and actions the budget currently represents an increase of .000971 mils in taxation per $1000 or 97 cents per $1000. Chairman Beal indicated, however, that two big items have not been included which must be addressed by the voters and that a recommendation by the MFC was needed in the next couple of weeks in order to finalize the proposed 2005 Warrant. This requested recommendation from the MFC concerns (1) a proposed construction cost for a new Town Office and all of the attendant variables ($125,000), and (2) a proposed costs for a temporary Town Office (i.e. trailer, rented home, office equipment,etc. ($9,000)). Should the required funds be raised in 2005 by taxes or borrowed over several years? What should the design of this Town Office reflect as far as space, capabilities, future post office location, rental of a second floor, etc.?

b. Selectman Resignation: Chairman Beal indicated that he had written a proposed Article 6 call for the election of a Selectmen to replace himself. He then read the following letter:

"4 January 2005

Town of Cranberry Isles
Attn: Board of Municipal Officers
P.O. Box 15
Islesford, Maine 04646

Subject: Resignation as Municipal Officer re: Selectman

Ref: (a) Maine Statute 30-A M.R.S.A. Section 2602

To: The Board of Selectmen:

I hereby tender this letter of resignation as a Selectman for the Town of Cranberry Isles and ask that you accept it as being effective Friday, 11 March 2005 in accordance with the provisions of reference (a). I understand that you can accept this resignation for an earlier date, however, if 11 March 2005 is acceptable, I will continue with the writing and publishing of the 2004 Town Report and development of the 2005 Warrant. I further understand that if this letter is accepted for 11 March 2005 I will not be permitted to resign earlier or later than this date.

This action is not taken lightly, nor without considerable thought. When I retired in 1998 and moved to the Cranberry Isles I wanted to make a contribution to my new community and neighbors, but it has become obvious to me over the past several years that this municipal position now commands an inordinate amount of my time on a daily basis. I am most appreciative of the trust and confidence expressed in me by the voters, however, it is time for someone else to step forward. I am fully cognizant of the fact that I have far fewer days ahead of me than are already in the past, and I wish to pursue fully the goals I set for my retirement years with the time remaining. Thank you.

/s/ Richard F. Beal Accepted: /s/ David M. Stainton (Selectman)

Selectman On behalf of the BOS

Town Clerk Frances J. Bartlett
Town Attorney Anthony J. Giunta, Esquire"

Following acceptance of Chairman Beal's resignation there was a discussion by several audience members as to the volume of administrative work that the Chairman had been undertaking on behalf of the Town and that a warrant article should be prepared asking the voters to consider hiring an "Administrative Assistant, with the collateral duty of Deputy Clerk and Deputy Treasurer." The voters approved at the March 15, 2004 Town Meeting the hiring of a Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer and Denise McCormick is presently filling this position. This proposed article would change the position to one of administration, with a secondary feature of deputy support to the Clerk & Treasurer. Chairman Beal indicated that he would write this proposed article and include it in the Warrant.

4. Report of the Municipal Facilities Commission and any actions required: The following information was provided by Chairman Hugh Smallwood in his December 2004 report, with annotations or comments added as the report was discussed at the BOS meeting.

a. Roads Management [Frank Reece]: Frank Reece continues to suffer from his illness, so no progress has been made on this project of developing a road specification and associated ordinance. Chairman Beal offered that funds are proposed in the 2005 budget to address road maintenance and that the S. W. Cole, Inc. road engineer had been to the islands twice and was preparing a prioritized plan on maintenance which would be included in the 2004 Town Report. Based on engineering recommendations, it will be up to the voters to decide how far and for what amount of money, road maintenance will proceed for 2005.

b. Municipal Office [Hugh Smallwood]: At the last BOS meeting, Susie Kraznow suggested that the Town rent the their house next to the store on Islesford. Mr. Smallwood has been in touch with the owners and they are not sure that's what they want to do. Mr. Smallwood contacted William Scottsman, Inc. in Auburn, Maine and they are sending him a proposal for a temporary office building which the Town could rent for 6 to 8 months. Chris Wriggins is preparing sosme sketches of possible buildings to be posted around town to get peoples preferences. Chairman Beal advised that he had received a proposed contract from Mr. Wriggins asking for a $75.00/hour fee for architectual design work on this proposed Town Office, with a not to exceed total fee of 8% of the total construction cost for the project. Chairman Beal indicated that for planning purposes that BOS had used a monetary figure of $125,000 for this project and that 8% of this amount is $10,000. Beal asked Hugh Smallwood if this contract and the proposed fee was what was intended when Mr. Wriggins was asked " to prepare some sketches?" Mr. Smallwood asked for the proposed contract and said he would talk with Mr. Wriggins. Chairman Beal then proposed the motion of authorizing Hugh Smallwood to either rent (1) the Valdina house, (2) an alternative house on Islesford or (3) a trailer as a temporary town office; and if a trailer place it in the Town Gravel Pit with permission to proceed on a $600 per month or less basis for one of the selected alternatives. Selectman Stainton concurred with this motion.

c. MFC Supervisor [Hugh Smallwood]: Bill McGuinness got married on Saturday and is on his honeymoon. He is expected to return Tuesday night [4 Jan]. He has already been given a list of priority tasks to address.

d. DOT Grant [Michael Phillips/Hugh Smallwood]: We are waiting for the proposal from Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt Associates, Inc. [Marine Engineers].

e. Comprehensive Plan [Lise Pratt/Dan Lief]: The Committee has finalized the survey. The mailing will go out sometime this month.

f. Manset Maintenance [Eve Harrison]: Edward Horvath is checking on the facility periodically and reporting to Malcolm Donald as point of contact for the Municipal Facilities Commission.

g. Parking Regulations/Guidelines for 2005 [Malcolm Donald]: We (the MFC) still need to finalize some issues with these guidelines. Our hope is to get them resolved in time to make the 2004 Town Report and then get them mailed out again with 2005 applications.

5. General Assistance Ordinance Amendment: New Overall Maximum Income Guidelines:
The BOS approved for implementation the new guidelines provided by the State of Maine. A copy of these guidelines are available from the Town Clerk. The Town is presently providing some general assistance and the BOS projects at least $5,000 more for 2005.

6. New Town Office Architect Contract and Temporary Office:
This agenda item was addressed during the MFC Report discussion and resolution of design and architectual assistance will be undertaken by MFC Chairman Hugh Smallwood.

7. Implementation of Acadia Disposal District Corrugated Paper Policy:
Chairman Beal reported to all present that effective 1 January 2005 all of Mount Desert towns and those other Towns that have joined the Acadia Disposal District will be required to remove from the solid waste stream ALL corrugated paper (cardboard), and to transport this cardboard in a flatten dry state to a recycling facility. A temporary covered container is being established on Islesford, and the Solid Waste Building on Great Cranberry Island will be used until a permanent structure or storage area is made available. This requirement is for ALL cardboard, whether it originates from a commercial enterprise or from one's home.

8. Audience Communications: None

9. Adjournment at 11:15 AM , next meeting 1 February 2005 at Little Cranberry Island.

Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

Tuesday February 1, 2005

ATTENDEES: Selectmen Richard Beal and David Stainton, Town Clerk Frances Bartlett, Deputy Clerk Denise McCormick. Public: Cyrus Moulton, Dan & Cynthia Lief, Karin & Phil Whitney, William McGuinness, Malcolm Donald and Eve Harrison.


1. Review minutes of the 4 January 2005 BOS Meeting: David Stamton moved to accept the minutes as written.

2. Town Treasurerís Financial Warrants

a. Bills from CEO Kimberly Keene and Kleinschmidt Associates will be prepared and mailed to the Selectmen next week.

b. Based on advice from the town auditor and CPA consultant the decision to use a payroll service in Bangor has been reversed.  The Town Treasurer will purchase a payroll software package from TRIO and use that for the town.

c. Warrants:
#AmountType of Warrant
2$350.00General Assistance
4$44,137.62General Bills

3. Report of the Municipal Facilities Commission and any actions required:
  a. Roads:
  b. Talked about presentation to the Town
  c. Read Article 25 and suggested that Hugh Smallwood speak to State DOT Tracy Perez.

4. Signing of 2005 Warrant: Selectman Stainton joined Selectman Beal in signing the 2005 Warrant and getting it to the Town Clerk for retention.  She will prepare certified copies for posting on Islesford and Great Cranberry Islands.

5. Ltr from State DEP on GCI Solid Waste Transfer Station: Advised that the DEP had provided a follow up letter to their initial denial of the Town's proposed Transfer Station Licence application.  The Town Clerk has the original of this letter for permanent filing.

6. Audience Communications: None

7. Adjourmnent at: 11:10 AM, next meeting will be organizational session plus signing of any Financial Warrants, following the Annual Town Meeting on 14 March 2005 at Great Cranberry Island.

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