Year 2002 Trash News
From Ed Gray and Sons

New Container System
2002-2003 Pickup Schedule
How to prepare items for recycling
How to get in touch with us

The New Container System

In hopes of making the pick up and storage of grain bag trash and recycling items easier and neater for everyone, we have installed a new container system.

Each island has a large metal Grain Bag container (for trash) and also a separate Recycling container.   Residents are encouraged to deposit appropriate items into these containers at any time -- you need not wait until the pickup days.   However, we will still maintain the regular curbside pickup schedule for those that wish.

On Great Cranberry Island the Grain Bag container and Recycling container are near the Town Garage, while on Little Cranberry Island both containers are near the Town Garage.

Grain Bag Container

  1. Please be sure the cover is on the container when you are done.   We do not want seagulls in the trash, or the trash to blow out.
  2. If the container is full do not leave the bag next to the container for the same reasons as above.   Please call 244-5850 and I will take care of it as soon as possible.
  3. Only grain bag trash in the container -- no wood, sheet rock, metal, or construction material of any kind.
  4. All unacceptable items will be returned to the owner.


  1. Put only recycling items in this container, no paper bags.
  2. Newspaper and magazines go in the door marked "NEWSPAPER."   No cardboard.
  3. Glass, cans, and plastic go in the door marked "COMMINGLED."
  4. All items must be washed and clean. See instructions on how to prepare items for recycling.
  5. If container is full, do not leave items.   Call 244-5850 and we will empty it as soon as possible.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Pick-up Schedule
for Great and Little Cranberry Island

The following schedule is courtesy of Ed Gray and Sons.

Leave grain bags or recyclables at curbside by 8:00 a.m. on scheduled pickup day.

Year 2002 - 2003


All trash must be in heavy GRAIN BAGS (not ordinary store-bought garbage bags)
and securely tied closed to retain integrity during transport to the mainland.

You need not separate recyclable cans, clear glass, and plastics,
but they should first be prepared as explained below.

Grain bags may be purchased ($1.00/bag)
Great Cranberry: Jane Gray (244-5850)
Islesford: Amy Philbrook (244-9694.)

Great Cranberry
Little Cranberry (Islesford)
March 28, 2002
April 25
May 30
June 13 and 27
July 11 and 25
August 15 and 29
September 12 and 26
October 31
November 28
December 26
January 30, 2003
February 27

How to prepare Items for Recycling
Item Treatment Notes
Steel cans,
Aluminum cans
Rinse clean and flatten. Opening both ends makes steel cans easier to flatten.
CLEAR glass Rinse clean, do not break. No colored glass.
No non-container glass such as windows, light bulbs, drinking glasses, etc.
#2 Plastic

#2 plastic

Rinse clean, remove caps and rings, and flatten. Translucent plastic (milk jugs)
Colored plastic (soap, liquid detergent, motor oil, etc.)

No plastic bags or wrap, no styrofoam, no plastic utensils or drinking cups, no disposable diapers.

The type of plastic is usually stamped on the container.

Newspapers and
No preparation needed. No cartons or cardboard.
Everything else Dispose of as trash.

Ed Gray and Sons
PO Box 85
Cranberry Isles, ME 04625

We will be available throughout the summer for cleaning up construction materials, cleaning out of cellars, garages, or whatever needs to be taken to the dump.

Dumpsters are available on request; please call for prices.

We can also transport any large items to or from the islands.

(207) 244-5850

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