The Preble House

On your stroll from the Great Cranberry Island town dock to Cranberry House, you will pass the large white Preble House on the right side of the road.  It has lilac bushes in front, and an "ancestral" pine on its right side, near the back.

The house was well-known to Rachel Field.  She also wrote God's Pocket, a novel about Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr., the man who built it.

After Hadlock, the Prebles were the second family to occupy the house.  Mrs. Abigail Preble was Hadlock's sister.  Field borrowed the Preble name, and used their house and its environs as the setting of the first three chapters of Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.

Preble House

The house and surrounding land (including the land now occupied by Cranberry House) was once all owned by William and Abigail Preble.  They are both buried in the Preble Cemetery, close by Cranberry House.

The front of the house is hidden by a large clump of lilac bushes.