Rachel Field Works

Books Written by Rachel Field (title, year of publication, notes) Child/
copy in museum?
(16 Apr 2012)
All This and Heaven Too (Macmillan 1938, 1939, 1940, Movie 1940, Movie 1941, 1996, 2003) A 1938 1st ed, signed by author
VHS tape
1941 ed, with stills from the movie
All Through the Night (Macmillan 1940); with drawings by Shirley Hughes (London, Macmillan 1954) C 1940
An Alphabet for Boys and Girls (Doubleday 1926) verses and pictures by Rachel Field C 1926 1st. ed.
And Now Tomorrow (Macmillan 1942, 1943, 1967) A 1967
Ave Maria, an interpretation from Walt Disney's "Fantasia"; music by Franz Shubert, lyrics by Rachel Field (Random 1940) A 1940
The Bad Penny: A Drama in One Act (Samuel French 1931, 1958) A 1958
The Bird Began to Sing (Morrow 1932) illustrator Ilse Bischoff C 1932
Branches Green (Macmillan 1934) illustrator Dorothy Lathrop A 1934
Calico Bush (Macmillan 1931, 1966, 1974, 1987) wood engravings by Allen Lewis C 1931 1st ed, signed by author
Christmas in London ("A limited number of this Christmas edition was printed by the Aldus Printers for the friends of Louise and George Messing + Christmas, 1946") being an abridgment of chapter 8 of Little Dog Toby C 1946
Christmas Time (Macmillan 1941) C 1941
Cinderella Married, A Comedy in One Act (Samuel French) from Six Plays A after 1952
A Circus Garland (single-sheet folded broadside by Winter Wheat Press 1930, "This garland is printed by Paul Johnston and is limited to 150 copies; the decorations are colored by hand. Acknowledgement is made to The Three Owls of the New York Herald-Tribune for permission to reprint the poems.") With poems: Circus Parade, Gunga, Acrobat, Performing Seal, Equestrienne, and Epilogue. C 1930 (copy #29)
The Cross-Stitch Heart and Other Plays (Scribner 1927, 1928) six one-act plays for high-school, college, or little theatre presentations: The Cross-Stitch Heart, Greasy Luck, The Nine Days' Queen, The Londonderry Air, At the Junction, and Bargains in Cathay A 1928
Eliza and the Elves (Macmillan 1926, 1928, 1930) illustrator Elizabeth MacKinstry C 1930
Fear is the Thorn (Macmillan Mar 1936, Jun 1936) poems A 1936 2nd ed, signed by author
The Fifteenth Candle (Samuel French, undated, but noting Pederson's 1948 renewal of Rachel's original 1921 copyright) Drama in one act A 1948 or after
First Class Matter (Samuel French 1936) a comedy in one act A 1936
General Store (1926) illus. Nancy Winslow Parker, (1988) illustrator Giles Laroche C 1988
God's Pocket: The Story of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr. of Cranberry Isles, Maine (Macmillan 1934, 1936, 1999) A 1936 & 1999
Hepatica Hawks (Macmillan 1932) wood engravings by Allen Lewis C Oct 1932 1st ed, signed by author
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years (Macmillan 1929, 1930, 1933, 1993, 1995) illustrator Dorothy Lathrop; 1930 Newbery Medal winner C May 1930 ed, signed by author
If Once You Have Slept on an Island (poem from Taxis and Toadstools ©1926) (1993, 1995) illustrator Iris Van Rynbach C 1993 1st ed
Just Across the Street (Macmillan 1933) C 1933
A Little Book of Days (Doubleday 1927) verses and pictures by Rachel Field (a companion book to An Alphabet for Boys and Girls) C 1927 1st. ed.
Little Dog Toby (Macmillan Sept 1928, Dec 1928, 1943, 1952) C Dec 1928 signed by author, 1952
The Magic Pawnshop: A New Year's Eve Fantasy (Dutton 1927, 1928, 1937) illustrator Elizabeth MacKinstry C 1927
Patchwork Plays (1930) for juveniles: Polly Patchwork, Little Square-Toes, Miss Ant, Miss Grasshopper, and Mr. Cricket, Chimney-Sweeps' Holiday, and The Sentimental Scarecrow C 1930
Pocket-Handerkerchief Park (Doubleday 1929) C 1929 1st ed, signed by author
Poems by Rachel Field (Macmillan 1957, 1960) C 1960
The Pointed People (Yale University Press 1924, Macmillan 1926, 1930)

With poems: Thoughts, Where?, Familiarity, A Fire, Blue, In Spring, Song for a Blue Roadster, Rebellion in September, To See-Saw, Loneliness, Almost, Half Past Eight, Grace for an Island Meal, The Hills, Islands, A House I Know, Burning Leaves, Dancing, May in Cambridge, Doorbells, The Little Old Window, Pasture Song, A Summer Morning, The Shadows, Old Houses, Roads, The Dancing Bear, When We Went Gathering Cat-Tails, The Sampler, Elves Go Fetch Your Lanterns, The Pointed People, The House in the Woods, In the Japanese Garden, Fairy Buttons, The Quiet Child, The Lost Elf, In Holyrood, The Old Scotch Bagpiper, Queen Katharine of England, Gypsies, The Traveller, The Old Postman, The Scissors-Grinder, Some People, Great-Uncle Willie, If I Were a Tree, The Little Rose Tree, Fir Trees, Harebells, Now Every Rose-Hip's Orange, A Charm for Spring Flowers, In Praise of Dust, Venetian Beads, My Inside-Self, Kitty's Laugh, Curly Hair, Merry-Go-Round, A Valentine for Old Dolls, Skyscrapers, City Lights, The Restless Balloon, Rain in the City, For Christmas, Whistles, The Piper, Rainy Nights, When You Played, Thrushes, "London Bridge".

1924 first ed. signed by author

1930, signed by author, including a small sketch

Points East: Narratives of New England (Brewer & Warren 1930, Macmillan 1933): with poems A New England Window, The Shell, the Comb, and the Bird, Epitaph, Delphinium, This is the Place [from Taxis and Toadstools], The Old Gods Come to Somesville, Maine, The Old Pasture, and Bathsheba Berry. A 1930, signed by author
Polly Patchwork (Doubleday 1928) C 1928 1st ed
Prayer for a Child (Macmillan 1944, 1972, 1984) illustrator Elizabeth Orton Jones; Caldecott Medal winner C 1944
The Rachel Field Story Book (Doubleday 1958) illustrator Adrienne Adams: with Polly Patchwork, Pocket-Handkerchief Park, and The Yellow Shop C 1958
A Road Might Lead to Anywhere (1990) illustrator Giles Laroche C 1990 1st ed, signed by illustrator
Six Plays (Scribner 1924, 1927) for amateur presentation: Cinderella Married, Three Pills in a Bottle, Columbine in Business, The Patchwork Quilt, Wisdom Teeth, and Theories and Thumbs A 1924
Susanna B. and William C. (Morrow 1934) C 1934
Taxis and Toadstools (Doubleday 1926)

With poems: The Flower-Cart Man, Sandwich Men, The Ice-Cream Man, The Blind Man, Gypsy Children, Freckles, Summer Afternoon, Aunt Emmeline, Sandy Sawyer, The Pretzel Man, Good Green Bus, Patchin Place, Taxis, City Rain, At the Theater, The Stay-Ashores, What? No More Witches in New York?, Skyscrapers, Chestnut Stands, The Florist Shop, General Store, The Cuckoo-Clock Shop, The Toy Shop, At the Bank, The Cobbler's, Pushcart Row, The Animal Store, Old Captains, I'd Like to Be a Lighthose, The Old Wharves, Tides, Old Man Schooner, Captain Enoch, Old Man Cutter, Captain Jim, Fog, Islands, If Once You Have Slept on an Island, The Grass Island, Song for a Pasture, This Is the Place, Miss Lucinda's Garden, Sunday, Taking Root, The Cranberry Pool, The Catbird, The Peabody Bird, Parrots, The China Dog, The Tree Toads, The Lamb, The Dancing Bear, Wood-Strawberries, White Birches, Checkerberries, Woods, The Mushroom Gatherers, Vegetables, Blue Flowers, The Visitor, The Secret Land, Toadstool Town, Red-Capped Moss, Elves and Apple Trees, The Elf Tree, The Green Fiddler, The Elfin Organ-Grinder, Reminiscences, Meeting, Harebell Time, The Playhouse Key, Cranberry Road, Wishing, The Kettledrums, The Wind, Houses, The Old Schoolhouse, Red Leaf, The Old Coach Road, Barefoot Days, September, Old Gypsies.

C yes, 1926?
Time Out of Mind (Macmillan 1935, 1938, Movie 1947, 1971) A 1935 1st ed signed by author
The Yellow Shop (Doubleday 1931) illustrated by the author C 1931
Other Plays by Rachel Field
Everygirl from the book St. Nicholas Book of Plays & Operettas, Second Series, (The Century Co. 1916), very short one-act play by Rachel Lyman Field C  
Rise Up, Jennie Smith (Samuel French 1918), a one-act prize play, Drama League of America Patriotic Play Competition A 1918
Books Co-Written by Rachel Field
To See Ourselves (Macmillan 1937) co-authored with Arthur Pederson (her husband) A 1937 1st ed
Movies from Rachel Field pieces
All This and Heaven Too (1940) starring Bette Davis & Charles Boyer A VHS
And Now Tomorrow (1944) starring Alan Ladd & Loretta Young; Raymond Chandler co-wrote the script A VHS
Fantasia (1940) Disney classic; R.F. was special lyricist for the Ave Maria segment A DVD
The Londonderry Air (1938) starring Sara Allgood & Liam Gaffney (from The Cross-Stitch Heart and Other Plays) A  
Time Out of Mind (1947) starring Phyllis Calvert & Robert Hutton, with Eddie Albert & Leo G. Carroll A VHS
Books Edited by Rachel Field
Fortune's Caravan (Morrow 1933, 1946) by Lily Jean-Laval, adapted by Rachel Field from the translation by Marion Saunders, ilustrated by Maggie Salcedo C 1933
American Folk and Fairy Tales (Scribner 1929) selected by Rachel Field, illustrator Margaret Freeman C 1929
People from Dickens (Scribner 1935) arranged by Rachel Field, illustrator Thomas Fogarty A 1935
The White Cat, and Other Old French Fairy Tales by Mme. La Comtesse D'Aulnoy (Macmillan 1928, 1967) arranged by Rachel Field, illustrator Elizabeth MacKinstry C 1928 1st ed signed by author
Magazine pieces/Essays by Rachel Field
About Lovat Fraser (article), Contemporary Illustrators of Children's Books by Bertha E. Mahoney & Elinor Whitney (Bookshop for Boys & Girls 1930)    
Beginning of Wisdom (story), illustrator Norman Rockwell, The American Magazine, Mar. 1942 A yes
The Bookcase Apartments (article), Child Life, Sept. 1935 C yes
Christmas in the Heart (story) illustrator Norman Rockwell, The American Magazine, Jan. 1941 A yes
How "Hitty" Happened (article), The Horn Book Magazine, Feb. 1930 (Vol. VI No. 1)
plus also of interest in the same issue,
A Test of Hitty's Pegs and Patience by Dorothy P. Lathrop, and
Hitty in the Bookshop by Alice Barrett
A yes
My First Book Friends (article), Child Life, Nov. 1931 C yes
The Piper (poem), St. Nicholas Magazine, Oct 1924, p 1309. Also appears in her collection of poems, The Pointed People C yes
Random Reflections (article), The Saturday Review of Literature, Vol. III No. 15, Nov. 6, 1926 A yes
Silhouettes (poem) illustrator Electra Papadopoulos, Child Life, Mar. 1931 C yes
Snow by Night (poem) illustrator Dorothy Lathrop, Child Life, Nov. 1934 C yes
Something Told the Wild Geese (poem) illustrator Dorothy Lathrop, Child Life, Oct. 1934 C yes
Foreword to the book Stockbridge, 1739-1939, A Chronicle by Sarah Cabot Sedgwick & Christina Sedgwick Marquand (Berkshire Courrier 1939, second printing) A yes
Stone by the Birch (story), illustrator John Holmgren, The American Magazine, Sept. 1935 A yes
Pieces about Rachel Field
The Child Persona in Taxis and Toadstools by Malcolm Usrey, Children's Literature Association Quarterly 7, #2, (Summer 1982) A  
Famous Poets for Young People (Dodd, Mead 1964) by Laura Benét with a one-chapter biography of Rachel Lyman Field, a photo of her, and a stanza (from Taxis and Toadstools) of the poem Wild Cranberries. C 1964
Great books for girls?  A case study of American Children's novels by Amy Singer; Meowpower Feminist Online Journal, Vol. 1 Issue 4, 20 May 2006  (Discusses Hitty, Her First Hundred Years) A on the web
The Horn Book Magazine, July-August 1942: Rachel Field memorial issue, with several photos and articles about her A yes
The Saturday Review of Literature, 12 December 1931: article: A review of Calico Bush by Henry Seidel Canby A  
The Saturday Review of Literature, 13 November 1937: article: A review of To See Ourselves A  
The Saturday Review of Literature, 22 October 1938: Cover: Rachel Field. Article: All This and Heaven Too, a review by Ben Ray Redman; also a 2-page ad for this book from the Macmillan Company A  
The Saturday Review of Literature, Vol. XXV No. 13, 28 March 1942: memorial article: Rachel Field 1894-1942 by Laura Benét A yes
The Saturday Review of Literature, Vol. XXV No. 21, 25 May 1942: Article: And Now Tomorrow, a review by Rebecca Lowrie A yes
Down East Magazine, August 1971: article Rachel Field of the Cranberry Isles by Herbert Edwards, with several photos A yes
Andrews, The Hewins Lectures, 1947-1962: essay Rachel Field and Her Contributions to Children's Literature by Margaret Lane A yes
Books illustrated by Rachel Field
Come Christmas (Stokes 1927) by Eleanor Farjeon, illustrator Rachel Field C 1928
The House that Grew Smaller (Macmillan 1931) by Margery Williams Bianco, illustrator Rachel Field C  
Stories to Tell to Children (Houghton Mifflin 1907) by Sara Cone Bryant, silhouettes by Rachel Lyman Field    
How to Tell Stories to Children (1933) by Sara Cone Bryant, illustrators Rachel Field & others    
Punch & Robinetta (Yale U 1923) by Ethel May Gate, Silhouettes by Rachel Lyman Field.
Five fairy tales/each closed with a poem: Punch & Robinetta/The Ball, The Tapestry Prince/The Minstrel, The Two Poor Seamstresses/The Talisman, The Princess Dyonetia/Raspberry Tarts, The Fairy Shoemaker/The Return.
C 1923
Tell Me a Story I Never Heard Before (Fleming H. Revell 1919) by Mary Stewart, illustrator Rachel Lyman Field C 1919
Compilations with Rachel Field pieces
Across the Blue Bridge (school reader) by F.W. DeLancey & W.J. Iverson (1960, 1965) illustations by Guy Brown Wiser Associates; includes poems At the Theater, Meeting, and The Old Coach Road (from Taxis and Toadstools), City Lights (from The Pointed People) C 1965
The Atlantic Book of Junior Plays (1924, 1939) ed. by Charles Swain Thomas;
with Rachel Lyman Field's play The Fifteenth Candle, © 1921
C 1939
The Grandma Moses Storybook (Random House 1961) ed. by Nora Kramer, illus. by Grandma Moses; includes excerpt from Hitty, Her First Hundred Years: "Sold at Auction" with painting by Moses (age 101) made especially for this excerpt C 1961
Harvard Plays Vol. I.: Plays of the 47 Workshop (Brentanos 1918, 1920, 1921, 1923) ed. by George P. Baker with Rachel Lyman Field's play Three Pills in a Bottle A 1921
A Horn Book Sampler (Horn Book 1959) ed. by Norma R. Fryatt; with poem A Valentine for Old Dolls A 1959
My Book of Poems (Western 1985) compiled by Ben Cruise, illus. by Gloria Solly; includes poems Barefoot Days and I'd Like To Be a Lighthouse C 1985
A Newbery Christmas (Delacorte Press 1991) with short story All Through the Night. C 1991
Piper, Pipe that Song Again! Poems for Boys and Girls (Random House 1965) ed. by Nancy Larrick, illus. by Kelly Oechsli, includes poems (from Taxis and Toadstools) I'd Like to Be a Lighthouse, Taxis, and The Animal Store, (from Poems) City Lights, (from Branches Green) Snow in the City. C 1965

Poems for Boys and Girls (Whitman 1945) ed. by Marjorie Barrows, illus. by Lois Maloy; includes poems (from Taxis and Toadstools) General Store, Barefoot Days, The Animal Store; The Playhouse Key; (from Pointed People) Doorbells, Roads, Gypsies.

C 1945
The Raggedy Goat and Other Verses (Rand McNally 1967) illus. by Vivienne Blake, with poem The Animal Store (from Taxis and Toadstools) C 1967
The St. Nicholas Anthology (Random House 1948) with poem A Winter Walk by Rachel Lyman Field, age 16 A 1948
Sung Under the Silver Umbrella, Poems for Young Children (Macmillan 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941) illus. by Dorothy Lathrop, includes poems A Summer Morning, General Store, The Little Rose Tree, Almost C 1941
Wings from the Wind (Lippincott 1964) poems selected & illus. by Tasha Tudor; includes General Store, A Charm for Spring Flowers, and Something Told the Wild Geese C 1964