Islesford Family Snapshots

BUNKER - by Cindy Gashlin (Jan. 1999)

With valuable input from her Aunt Hazel and Mom Gloria

My grandfather, Alvah Bunker, was one of 5 brothers born to Henry Bunker and Alta Spurling, of Great Cranberry Island. They were descendants of Benjamin Bunker who settled on the island in 1762, just fourteen years before the American Revolution. Alvah's brothers were Wilfred, Raymond, Linden "Tud", Alton, and a sister Vincie.

Alvah's nickname was "Buster". Around 1923, he moved to Islesford and married my grandmother Dorothy Bryant, daughter of Alonzo and Ida (Stanley) Bryant. My great grandfather Alonzo Bryant helped build the Neighborhood House, the Islesford Congregational Church, the Islesford Museum, and the Islesford Hotel.

Alvah was a Chief Boatswain's Mate in the U.S. Coast Guard and the Captain of John Merrill's yacht, THE WILD GOOSE which also served as a coastal patrol boat during World War II for the U.S. Coast Guard.

"Buster" and Dorothy raised five children: Remona, Hazel, Audrey, Harvey and my mother Gloria. Gloria married Robert Palmer of Aurora, Maine and they raised their children John, Glen, Steven and myself, Cindy, on the island.

Aunt Remona's first husband was Irving Johnson, and by him she had two children, Terrence and Ruthann. Terry now lives in Seal Harbor with his wife Blanche. They have a son Michael.

Ruthann lives in Sidney, Maine with her husband Dusty. They have a son Brian.

Aunt Audrey and her husband James live in Sinclair, Maine (wintering in Florida), and raised four children, Jamie, Lisa, Lynn and David.

Aunt Hazel and her husband Richard live in Brewer, Maine and winter in Florida.

Uncle Harvey, who still lives on Islesford, has two daughters Darcy and Teresa.

As for our family, my brother John died in an automobile accident in Idaho in 1983. He has two daughters Kim and Kelly, who both live in Maine.

Glen and his wife June live in New Hampshire with their children Benjamin and Lindsey.

Steve now lives in Silver Springs, MD and spends his time off fishing on his boat, CAZADOR, out of Solomon's Island, MD.

And I live in Surry, Maine with my husband Scott and son Bryan Gashlin.

BRYANT - by Cindy Gashlin (Jan. 1999)

With valuable input from her Aunt Hazel and Mom Gloria

Alonzo Bryant Alonzo Bryant first married Lena Stanley (b. July 11, 1870) and they had twin boys, Ralph and Roy Bryant (b. June 20, 1892), who were half brothers to my grandmother Dorothy. Ralph married Eleanor and they had four children, Marilyn, Lillian, Lena and Bradley. Ralph died in 1982. Roy married Elsie and they had one daughter, Lela. Roy died in 1992.

Lena (Stanley) Bryant died October 28, 1893, about a year after Ralph and Roy were born. Alonzo then married Ida May Stanley October 9, 1897.

My grandmother, Dorothy, was born on Islesford, one of six children to Alonzo and Ida Bryant. Nanny died in 1977.

Her brother Marvin, was a crew member of the HOBO, which was used as a Navy coastal patrol boat during WW I.

Another brother Shirley died of influenza in 1918.

Her brother Hillis married Annette Labelle and they had three children, Nelson, Janet and Maureen who all still have homes on the island. Uncle Hillis died in 1984.

Her sister Barbara married Theodore Dorr. She lives in Camden, Maine.

Another sister Ruth married Allen Crowley and they had one daughter Shirley who lives in Florida with her three children, Pamela, Kevin, and David.

I made changes in the text above per an email I received 1 Jan 2010 from Jason Lufkin:

My name is Jason Lufkin and I am the great-grandson of Roy Bryant and came across this information about my great-grandfather. He was the oldest man on Little Cranberry Isles, ME when he died. His correct birthdate (along with Ralph) was June 20th, 1892 (not Oct. 25) and his daughter's correct spelling is Lela (not Leila). She is still alive and just turned 93 this past September. She lives in Rhode Island.
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