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new room Ted Spurling and Maurice Phillips in front of the just-built Islesford History Room in the winter of 1997. The History Room was dedicated August 1998.

The History Room is behind and attached to the Library, which itself is attached to the Islesford Neighborhood House.

Some Prized Artifacts

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"Squirt", the Islesford fire pump
quilt A quilted bedspread designed for a 4-poster bed, with a corner tag reading:
"Made by Aunt Matilda Spurling, Cranberry Isles, Maine."

Matilda was the grandmother of Arthur M. "Chummie" Spurling. She was born Matilda Young, daughter of Josiah and Rosalana (Guptil) Young and married Joseph Spurling in 1840 and lived on Great Cranberry Island until her death in 1890. Their son, Joseph W. Spurling, was the father of Arthur and of Warren A. "Bert" Spurling both of whom married and lived their lives on Little Cranberry Island.

Donated by Florence Borda & Peter Hopkins on behalf of the D. Luke Hopkins family of Northeast Harbor. Belonged to the late Mrs. Hopkins.

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