Manset Parking Preconstruction Photos

(All photos taken August 2002.)

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Above is a grand panorama of the Singh property (formerly Jarvis Newman Boatbuilding), showing the dock, the Shore Road, the brown house reserved by Mr. Singh (but later also purchased by the Town of Cranberry Isles) , and the boathouses behind it.

Traffic on Shore Road is very sparse.  I stood in the middle of the road to take these photos.

Please note: the white shed, flagpole, and orange truck are not part of the Singh property.  They are actually on the Hinckley dock and property, which appear directly behind the Singh dock in this photo.

This is the current access road to the Singh property from Shore Road.  It enters to the left of the brown house and goes past the left side of the boathouses behind the house.  This will be converted to a pedestrian walkway to the parking lot further up behind and to the left of the boathouses, and behind the very large boathouse on the left (which is not included with the Singh property.)

This is the launch ramp included with the property.  The Hinckley dock (not included) appears to the right.

Another view of the dock, as seen from the end of the proposed pedestrian walkway above.

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