Tarring the Manset Parking Lot

These photos were all taken 13 May 2003.
The tarring was completely finished by 15 May 2003, the day of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

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Above is a grand panorama of the parking lot, showing (left to right):
- our boat sheds and waiting room
- our brown house and our dock in front of it
- two large neighboring boat sheds
- some neighboring houses
- on the far right, the back of our office building, currently leased to Hinckley Real Estate.

"Ours" meaning owned by the Town of Cranberry Isles.

Paving the pedestrian walk that goes from the parking lot and waiting room to the Shore Road.
View of the upper end of the pedestrian walk, which leads to the waiting room and the parking lot beyond it.
Standing by the waiting room and looking across the widest part of the parking lot, towards the Hinckley Real Estate Office.
Standing in the not-yet-tarred Main Entrance road, just to the right of the Hinckley Real Estate Office, and looking across the parking lot towards the boat sheds (straight ahead).  The waiting room is not visible, as it is beyond the right side of the photo.
Standing in the middle of the parking lot and looking towards the waiting room.  The Cranberry Isles dock is immediately in front of the brown house in the center background.

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