Augustus and Emma Birlem

photo courtesy of Charles Birlem

Emma Birlem (left), Augustus Birlem (right),
and their grandson Wallace Birlem (age about 3),
taken around 1917 at their house across from the Pool

Along with this photo, Charles Birlem notes:

Augustus and Emma were the parents of Bert Birlem, who was the father of Wallace (real name was Charles Wallace), born in '14 on the island.

The house ... is on Great Cranberry and at some point I could include a photo of it from Down East [magazine].  The Storey's owned it in the '80's and Jim had done a lot of work to it to make a nicer winter accomodations...  That house was owned by Augustus and Emma and my grandfather Bert grew up there.

The youngster is my father, Wallace. ... My mom was Margaret Mullholand and she had been raised in Lubec but came to MDI to teach english.  They were married in '36.

My dad and Bill Johnston bought Manset Marine from Henry Hinckley and had it from about 1945 to 1970 or so when it was sold and moved to Rockland.  It was in the Oceanarium.

This may raise more questions, so fire away.  My sister has a huge file of genealogy info on this family, traced to Germany and England with help from Ralph Stanley.

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