Rachel Field House on Sutton Island, Maine

The house is on the north side of Sutton Island.

All photos taken by Bruce Komusin 10 August 2007 with the permission of Jonathan and Robin Wood, the current owners of the house.

Rachel's house, in Rachel's time, as seen from the sea (looking South.)  The bridge-like structure in front of the house is part of a walking path all around Sutton island.

This image is a snapshot taken of a photo in a photo album in the house.

The house is wider in front than it is behind.  It is shaped somewhat like an upside-down "T".



The north wall of the livingroom, facing the sea and the mountains of Acadia National Park,on Mt. Desert Island.

A deck wraps completely around the house.  On the north side, just outside these windows, a porch roof covers the deck.  The porch's rustic furniture (below) appears to be from Rachel's time.

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East wall of the livingroom.  Just to the left of the large fireplace is a doorway passage to the sitting room (also facing the sea.)

The door frame by the fireplace (below) has been marked to record the growth of a previous owner's children.

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The south wall of the livingroom, with a day bed by the window facing the back yard.  The door to Rachel's bedroom is on this wall, just to the left of the photo.

The west wall of the livingroom, with a large skylight above it.

Below, a view of the full wrap-around deck as it passes by these west windows.

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Taken from the livingroom bookshelf, a modern version of Rachel Field's poem, General Store, illustrated (and signed) by Giles Laroche.

Rachel's Bedroom


Rachel's bedroom gets plenty of light from the west.

More views of the bed:

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Above the head of the bed, Rachel has drawn an unfinished map of Maine.

The bed stand is an old mechanical sewing machine with the mechanism removed.  A curtained closet is just to its left (see below) - and holds a clever secret.

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This is the interior of the bedroom closet, which is built under the stairs to the attic.

The closet has no light, but the attic stairs are well-lit by a north-facing attic dormer window (see window, and view from window, below.)

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So Rachel had four glass tumblers let into one of the stairway risers, to admit light into the closet.  See the other side of the tumblers on the attic steps, below.

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Marble countertop wall sink.

Claw foot bathtub.

I'm reasonably sure that's not Rachel's bikini.

Water closet with high, wall-mounted tank.

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Kitchen in the house


The house's original kitchen has been converted into a storage room.  Rachel's icebox is in this room.  The working "summer kitchen" is in an outbuilding behind the house.

Another view of the icebox.

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Outbuildings immediately behind the house


There are three outbuildings immediately behind the house, all reachable by a sort of boardwalk along their west sides, built as an extension of the deck - necessitated by the uneven nature of the ground.

In these three photos you see the outbuildings (left to right):

  • summer kitchen, inmmediately adjacent to the back door of the house
  • children's suite, with 2 bedrooms and a bath
  • studio

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North wall of the summer kitchen.
East wall of the summer kitchen.
South wall of the summer kitchen.
Cookstove in the summer kitchen - it's a "KINEO."
First bedroom in the children's suite (the second outbuilding.)
Second bedroom in the children's suite.
The children are working on a project.
Bathroom in the children's suite.

Tin tub with white plastic rim in the children's bathroom.

View out the window while sitting in the tub:

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A wall of ropes at the end of the hallway in the children's suite.
Inside the studio (the third outbuilding.)
View from the studio.

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