Rachel Field Letter

915 North Orlando St.
Hollywood, Calif.
January 22d, 1939

Dear Helen Richardson Corkum,

One of the pleasantest
things about book writing
is that sometimes it brings
one in touch with old
friends and so I was part-
icularly happy to have
your letter recalling the
long ago days on Buck-
ingham Street.  I do
remember you & your
family so well & your
Aunt who later taught
me in the State Street Summer
School.  You were always such
a good student that I envied
you, especially when report-
card day came round to the
Tapley School. Isn't it inter-
esting to find out what cer-
tain of our little girl-friends
of years ago are doing?

You sound as if you had
a most happy & pleasant
life & I wish I might see
your place in N.H.  Maine, as
you know, has contributed so
much to me and my writing.
At present my husband and
I are in California for a year
at least, as he has taken a
position with a Motion Picture
Agency here & he is enjoying
the work & I am enjoying the
sun & freedom of living
after years of winters in
New York.  We have a conven-
ient small house & little
garden of our own and our
Scottie, Trotty, going on eleven,
is very pleased with the
new arrangement.  I'd love
to see your Spaniels.  They're
a breed of which I am
very fond, though I have
a weakness for all members
of the canine race.

Again let me thank
you for writing.  It is a
great joy to know that
you have read and ap-
proved of the different

all courtesy of Georgie Ware
books, especially the latest
one.  I worked nearly a
full two years on the
writing of that and the
research was done at
odd intervals through many

My mother is living & she
& my Aunt enjoy a little
house in Farmington, Conn.
(I don't know if it's near you)
where they stay except for
Jan., Feb, & March when the
weather is pretty cold.

All goodwishes to you &
your husband,
Sincerely ever,
Rachel Field Pederson

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