Great Cranberry Island Library


There was an unofficial library, composed of several shelves, in the hallway of the Longfellow School for several years before, but on 28 September 1977, Great Cranberry Island community members met for the first time to found a permanent public library in the Longfellow School.  Present at that first meeting were ?????

At the end of 1977, Jean Goldberg reported that the library had 1917 books, 1338 adult and 579 juvenile. The library was housed in the two smallest of the three school rooms.

The Longfellow School, containing the library.  On the ground floor, the two windows on the right open into the main room of the library.

Views left and right as one enters the from the hall into the smallest room of the library -- for children's books.  The entrance to the main room is seen at the far end of the children's room.

Left, the view of the main room upon just entering it through the children's room.  Right, the view after crossing the main room to the opposite corner, and looking back toward the door to the children's room.

The Addition

The separate addition to the school which currently houses the library was built during the winter 1989-1990, and was officially open summer 1990.

The library, 24 August 2007
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