Capt. Gilbert T. Hadlock

b. 1837
d. 1917


Husband of Georgie Hadlock.
Donated land to the U.S. government, on which the Islesford Life Saving Station was built in 1879-1880.  Capt. Gilbert was appointed as first Keeper of the station on 27 August 1879.  He resigned 31 August 1887.

Buried in the Stanley-Hadlock Cemetery on Islesford.

In a letter from Hugh Dwelley, dated 3 Aug 1998:
Capt. Gilbert Hadlock relinquished command of the Life Saving Station here [on Islesford] in 1887 and built the Steam Boat Wharf in 1888.  His first boat was the 78-foot steamer Florence which he found too large.  Then he had the little steamer Agnes which was too small.  I have talked with Ted Spurling and we think that the boat in the picture that you sent may well be the Agnes.  That would be the second Islesford ferry.

Hadlock had the 49-foot steamer Islesford built in 1893 to his own specification.  A photo of our painting of her is enclosed.  We have a number of pictures.  Gilbert sold the Islesford to the west'ard around 1908 and he died in 1917.  We don't know what served as the Islesford ferry for a time after 1908.

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the Agnes?

photo courtesy of Barbara Brooks

the Islesford

photo courtesy of Hugh Dwelley

Georgie Hadlock

b. October 1842
d. 6 August 1880


Wife of Capt. Gilbert Hadlock.
Buried in the Stanley-Hadlock Cemetery on Islesford.

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