Hamor Tea House


The Hamor Tea House, currently the Murch residence, is at the end of Great Cranberry Island's Main Road.  It is was run by Sadie and John Hamor.

Here is an advertisement for the Hamor Tea House, which appeared in the publication "??? ???" in the year ????:

ad for Hamor House
ad courtesy of Charles Liebow

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photo courtesy of Dorothy Towns

exterior closeup

photo courtesy of Sybil Mahoney

Sybil Hortense Leach worked at the Tea House

photo courtesy of Sybil Mahoney

grand panorama

photo courtesy of Trudy Bancroft

exterior in the 1940s

photo courtesy of Dot Towns

in the 40s

photo courtesy of Dot Towns

Panorama of the Hamor Tea House

This panorama looks north and slightly east towards the back of the Hamor Tea House.  The Pool is on the left of the Tea House, and the Atlantic on the right.

In the immediate background to the right of the house we see the thin strip of land leading to the dark, tree-covered peninsula containing Thrumcap (narrow treeless land jutting off to the right) and Fish Point (invisible beyond the trees on the left.)

The right side of the panorama shows Dead Man's Point, extending beyond the edge of the photo.  Crow Island is in the cove between Deadman Point and Thrumcap.  The far distance reveals the classic MDI mountain profile.

The view is probably from near the Cranberry Club.

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photo courtesy of Trudy Bamcroft

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