Eugene "Red" MacAllister

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"Red" MacAllister was the husband of Leona (Bunker) MacAllister.

He was a master carpenter.  He built minesweepers in Florida during the war.  He also built a number of the summer houses on Great Cranberry -- Lea's, for one, plus Wini and Jack Wallace's, which was [originally] the Cranberry Cove Restaurant.  Red and Clarence Beal together supervised the Beal and Bunker boatshop where my Island Queen was built, as well as ten of the Sea Princess models.  His hair was reddish.
- Charles Liebow

Red and his brother-in-law Lindon "Tud" Bunker also built the Whale's Rib Gift Shop on the same site as the Cranberry Cove Restaurant; it was later moved to its present location.


photo courtesy of Priscilla Richardson

Leona A. (Bunker) MacAllister

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Leona is the daughter of Elisha G. Bunker and Annie L. (Spurling) Bunker.
She was the wife of Eugene "Red" MacAllister.
Together with her sister Ada Rice, she co-founded the Cranberry Cove Restaurant.

photo courtesy of Ada Rice

photo courtesy of Priscilla Richardson

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