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President's Address to the
Cranberry Isles Benevolent Sewing Circle

Date unknown,
Certainly after July 4, 1865,
Probably around Christmas, 1865.

Abigail C. Preble, President

Note: Ruth Westphal remembers (from the middle 1900s) that oranges, being an exotic luxury, were traditionally given as a special treat to the island children at the annual Ladies Aid Christmas party.  This custom apparently reaches all the way back to at least 1865, as proven by the $5 cost for "oranges" jotted on this draft (page 3).

It also indicates that the address was given around Christmas 1865.  The ladies had already paid the $5 -- it was subtracted from the "cash on hand" reported in the address -- and it certainly would have been unwise for them to order expensive and perishable oranges too much before Christmas, because of the likelihood of spoilage.

Address, To the members of the
Cranberry Isles benevolent Sewing
Circle. Fellow Members in accordance
with the usual custom at the expiration
of the year, you will expect a few
remarks from me, and I can but
congratulate you on the good understanding
that has continued through the past
year and the success that has followed
our labors and the prospect that is
before us of so soon realizing the object
of our wishes which by far exceeds my
most sanguine expectation, you are
well aware under the present
arrangments that the coming Season
we may look forward and expect to
see that Edifice raised to the worship of
Almighty God unless some unforeseen
act of the future presents and, as
your Committe have made the
requisite arrangments for the
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Completion and fullfillment of
the same it would seem advisable
for us to use all due diligence to assist in
aiding them by every means in our
power that the good work thus begun
shall be fully and satisfactorally accom-
plished the amount of funds belonging
to the Circle to Date is $875.97
              and you are aware that
when the House is finished and accepted
by the Committe the Contract is to
receive                             1,200.00
and is six months from that time 1,000.00
and in one year the balance of     1,000.00
making the sum of three thousand and
tow hundred dollars which your
committe are bound to see paid at
the expiration of the year hoping that
our fellow citizens will come forward
and lending the helping hand by
purchasing pews and that past troubles
may all be laid aside and that friendship
and good will may prevail and the
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Cherished Edifice may prove a blessing
to all from the Least to the greatest is the
wishes of your Obedient Servant
                   A C Preble President

Amt of Cash on Settlement
of July 4th. 1865        $792.92
Sest Report as per Book    27.11
Interest S. Bulger          7.51
Interest W.P. Preble        9.00
Premium on Gold             6.67
Left proceeds of Fair      37.76
Less for Oranges            5.00
Cash on hand Total       $875.97
left edge of original draft
(page 3)

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