Founding of the Ladies Aid

by Velma Teel

Ladies Aid Society

The Ladies Aid Society of Cranberry Isles was established March 19, 1861.  The first officers of this group were: President, Mrs. William Preble; Vice President, Mrs. Lucy Ann Spurling; Secretary & Treasurer, Miss Eunice A. Preble.

The meetings were held at the members' homes and the organization was called the Mutual Improvement and Benevolent Society.  There were thirty-eight members at first but sixteen members seceded in May 1862.  The Society was disbanded for a time but it was later reorganized and has remained active to this date.

The Ladies Aid Society of Cranberry Isles was organized Sept. 16, 1900.  The following officers were elected.

President: Mrs. Mary L. Bulger
Vice-President: Mrs. Nettie A. Stanley
Secretary: Mrs. Minnie M. Stanley
Treasurer: Mrs. Sadie B. Hamor

The Ladies Aid Society met at the home of Mrs. Julia M. Spurling, Sept. 26, to draw up a constitution.  After spending a social afternoon with favorable results it was voted to adjourn and meet with Mrs. Nettie Stanley on the eve of Sept 27.

The Ladies Aid Society met at the home of Mrs. Nettie Stanley Sept. 27.  Five directors were elected at this meeting.  Namely Mrs. Julia M. Spurling, Mrs. Dena Bulger, Mrs. C. E. Spurling, Mrs. Rose Wedge and Florence Spurling.  It was voted to accept the following constitution:

Constitution of the Ladies Aid Society of Cranberry Isles Maine

Article 1
The society shall be called the Ladies Aid Society of Cranberry Isles and its object shall be for the interest of the church and all benevolent purposes, mutual acquaintanceship and to build up the kingdom of God in our own hearts.

Article 2
Officers of this Society shall be called President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and five directresses who shall be elected at the annual meeting.  Special Committees may appointed at any meeting.

Article 3
The President shall preside at all meetings.  If absent, the Vice-President shall preside.  In case both are absent, a President Pro Tem shall be appointed.

Article 4
The duty of the Secretary shall be to keep a strict record of proceedings at meetings and notify all committees to report from time to time.

Article 5
The duty of the Treasurer shall be to receive all funds belonging to the Society and to pay all bills approved by the President.

Article 6
The duty of the directresses (or work committees) shall be to have charge and approve all work.

Article 7
Any lady may become an active member by signing the Constitution and paying the sum of fifty cents annually and agreeing to be faithful and industrious to the end herein proposed.  Membership holds good until withdrawn.

Article 8
Any person may become an honorary member by the payment of the sum of sixty cents.  Such membership shall hold good for the year so paid.

Article 9
The meeting shall be opened with Devotional Exercises.  The hour 1 o'clock PM.  The time allotted for these meetings shall be devoted to work and useful reading.  The reading is to be under the direction of the President.  The reader is to be chosen at each meeting who shall feel bound to be present or to get a substitute.  The meeting is to be held every second Wednesday.

Article 10
The Constitution may be changed or amended by a two-thirds vote of the Society.  Seven shall constitute a quorum.

Article 11
Any person failing to be present at these meetings unless prevented by sickness shall pay the amount of five cents or do work for that amount.  Any person wishing to work for themselves during the afternoon can do so by paying five cents.

Adjourned to meet with Mrs. C. E. Spurling Oct. 3.

The Book of Remembrance
Congregational Church
Cranberry Isles, Maine
by Velma S. Teel 1960

Transcribed by Sarah Newell, summer 2000


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