Sawtelle Cemetery Plot
Little Cranberry Island, Maine

On 1 July 1999, I received the following short note from Robert R. Pyle, Head Librarian at Northeast Harbor Library, describing another small cemetery plot on Islesford:

Just found a moment to browse your site and was impressed with the Islesford cemetery listings.  Very helpful.  Might it be useful to include the Sawtelle plot behind the Islesford Museum?  It includes:

William Otis Sawtelle (1874-1939)
    Physicist, historian, genealogist, author and founder of the Museum.

Louise Burpee Sawtelle (1877-1941)
    Wife of W.O.S.

Eleanor Otis Sawtelle (1913-1956)
    their daughter.

Two more of their daughters are at Sand beach cemetery.  They are Margery S. Biscomb and Janet S. Peake.  Both are buried next to their respective husbands - C. John Biscomb and Edwin D. Peake.

The eldest two children ... [are still alive; my] mother lives in Southwest Harbor and Uncle Ege in Portland.

Y'r obd't sv't,
Robert R. Pyle

    * 0 0 -1 Sawtelle Cemetery database last updated 20 July 1999
Sawtelle William Otis Sawtelle 1874 1939 65 Physicist; historian; genealogist; author; founder of the Islesford Museum; husb. of Louise Burpee Sawtelle
Sawtelle Louise Burpee Sawtelle 1877 1941 64 wife of William Otis Sawtelle
Sawtelle Eleanor Otis Sawtelle 1913 1956 43 dau. of William Otis & Louise Burpee Sawtelle

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