Stanley/Hadlock Cemetery
Little Cranberry Island, Maine

The following table lists, in alphabetical order by family name, the persons buried in the Stanley/Hadlock Cemetery.  It is from a report prepared by the late Francis Stanley, and dated 5-20-1974.  Any suspicious data is noted.

I suspect some information listed here is not actually on the stones, but has been added from local knowledge of the reporter.

    * 0 0 -1 Stanley/Hadlock Cemetery database last updated 20 June 1999
Stanley/Hadlock Hannah Blunt 3-1-1803 10-20-1895   wife of William P.
Stanley/Hadlock William P. Blunt 3-31-1789 6-23-1830   husb. of Hannah
Stanley/Hadlock Flora E. Bunker 1879 8-14-1955   wife of Francis W.
Stanley/Hadlock Francis W. Bunker 1880 1943   husb. of Flora E.
Stanley/Hadlock infant Bunker   10-3-1904   son of Francis W. & Flora E.
Stanley/Hadlock John Forham   12-13-1852   lost at sea
Stanley/Hadlock Amanda Gott   2-27-1840   dau. of Nathan & Huddah Gott
Stanley/Hadlock Charles T. Gott 9-15-1854 9-24-1854   infant son of Nathan & Huddah Gott
Stanley/Hadlock ?infant? Hadlock       small stone can't read; possible infant of Walter & Grace M.
Stanley/Hadlock Capt. Gilbert Hadlock 1837 1917   husb. of Georgie
Stanley/Hadlock Col. William Hadlock 1834 1911   husb. of Francis H.
Stanley/Hadlock Edna C. Hadlock 1885 1949   dau. of Benjamine & Catherine Campbell; wife of George R.
Stanley/Hadlock Edwin Hadlock 1-17-1814 9-16-1875   husb. of Mary
Stanley/Hadlock Edwin H. Hadlock 1865 1938   preacher
Stanley/Hadlock Francis H. Hadlock 1835 1916   wife of Col. William
Stanley/Hadlock George Jr. Hadlock 1921 1943   son of George R. & Edna C.
Stanley/Hadlock George R. Hadlock 1880 1958   son of Capt. Gilbert & Georgie; judge; husb. of Edna C.
Stanley/Hadlock Georgie Hadlock 10-??-1842 8-6-1880   wife of Capt. Gilbert
Stanley/Hadlock Grace M. Hadlock 1871 1955   wife of Walter
Stanley/Hadlock Mary Hadlock 7-22-1816 12-23-1888   wife of Edwin
Stanley/Hadlock Samuel Hadlock 1770 9-24-1854 81 husb. of Sarah; apparent error in either birth date or age
Stanley/Hadlock Sarah Hadlock 1770 10-1-1861 90 wife of Samuel; possible error in either birth date or age
Stanley/Hadlock Walter Hadlock 1870 1927   husb. of Grace M.
Stanley/Hadlock Emma M. Joy 11-15-1860 9-1-1881    
Stanley/Hadlock Samuel Jr. Knowles 1834 8-7-1855 21 grandson of Rev. George Dimiok of Newport Nova Scotia; died on board the brig Billow at Mt. Desert
Stanley/Hadlock Fannie M. Morse 1868 1903    
Stanley/Hadlock Elmira G. Sanley 7-3-1843 4-1-1869   dau. of Henry & Amy Fernald; 2nd wife of Daniel K.; probably not Sanley but Stanley
Stanley/Hadlock James S. Sprague 1864 1954   husb. of Nannie E.
Stanley/Hadlock Nannie E. Sprague 1871 1948   wife of James S.
Stanley/Hadlock ?infant? Spurling       heart shaped stone; possibly infant of Everet L. & Agnes H.
Stanley/Hadlock Agnes E. Spurling 1911 1920   dau. of Clarence H. & Lenora (spelled as such in report)
Stanley/Hadlock Agnes H. Spurling 1862 1945   born a Hadlock; wife of Everet L.
Stanley/Hadlock Clarence H. Spurling 9-10-1886 8-8-1962   son of Everet L. & Agnes; husb. of Leonora E.
Stanley/Hadlock Everet L. Spurling 1858 1930   husb. of Agnes H.
Stanley/Hadlock Leonora E. Spurling 1889 12-25-1912   1st. wife of Clarence H.
Stanley/Hadlock Abram R. Stanley 12-??-1847 8-26-1892   son of Peter Jr. & Maria; husb. of Hattie Maria
Stanley/Hadlock Amos C. Stanley   1-29-1842 11y 10m son of Thomas 3rd. & Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Belinda Stanley 9-16-1846 9-16-1935   dau. of Peter Jr. & Maria Stanley; wife of Epps H.
Stanley/Hadlock Emily A. Stanley   2-9-1865   dau. of Thomas 3rd. & Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Epps H. Stanley 10-5-1843 2-7-1902   son of Thomas 3rd. & Ester (Roberts) Stanley; husb. of Belinda
Stanley/Hadlock Esther Stanley 4-10-1810 12-26-1862   born a Roberts; wife of Thomas 3rd.
Stanley/Hadlock Frances Stanley   9-16-1858 2y 9m son of Thomas 3rd. & Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Francis Stanley   8-??-1864 24y 3m 21d son of Thomas 3rd. & Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Freddie Stanley       probably infant son of Tyler H. & Hannah
Stanley/Hadlock Hannah Stanley 4-20-1843 4-21-1902   wife 1st of Henry Stanley; 2nd of Tyler H. Stanley
Stanley/Hadlock Hattie Maria Stanley 3-30-1851 9-7-1891   born an Ellis; wife of Abram R.
Stanley/Hadlock Henry Stanley 3-??-1826 5-4-1863   son of Peter Jr. & Maria; 1st. husb. of Hannah
Stanley/Hadlock John 2nd. Stanley 8-17-1760 5-10-1847   son of John & Marguerite (Lacraw) Stanley
Stanley/Hadlock Lewis Stanley   1-11-1861 3y 9m 9d son of Thomas 3rd. & Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Lewis A. Stanley   11-2-1873 4y 6m 7d son of Abram R. & Hattie Maria
Stanley/Hadlock Loring A. Stanley 8-27-1864 3-13-1910   son of Henry & Hannah; husb. of Velma
Stanley/Hadlock Lucinda Stanley 12-8-1811 12-8-1831   born a Gott; consort of Thomas 3rd.
Stanley/Hadlock Lucy Jane Stanley       dau. of Freeman & Sarah Young; "not here"
Stanley/Hadlock Margaret W. Stanley 3-13-1841 1-5-1927   dau. of John & Fannie (Moore) Dolliver; wife of Nathan S.
Stanley/Hadlock Maria Stanley 6-7-1807 5-17-1869 61 born a Richardson; wife of Peter Jr.; possible error in age or birth date
Stanley/Hadlock Nathan S. Stanley 4-25-1842 10-14-1922   son of Peter Jr. & Maria; husb. of Margaret W.
Stanley/Hadlock Peter Jr. Stanley 12-16-1801 4-7-1855   son of John 2nd. & Phoebe
Stanley/Hadlock Phoebe Stanley 1764 1-23-1830   born a Rich; wife of John 2nd.
Stanley/Hadlock Thomas 3rd. Stanley 7-29-1806 5-16-1889   husb. of Esther
Stanley/Hadlock Tyler H. Stanley 5-24-1837 8-31-1914   son of Peter Jr. & Maria; 2nd. husb. of Hannah
Stanley/Hadlock Velma Stanley 1865 1910   dau. of Ellis & Sophia Looke; wife of Loring A.
Stanley/Hadlock Mary Stanwood 1796 8-18-1842   died at Boston buried at Islesford 8-21-1842

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