The Stanley Cemetery,
Great Cranberry Island, Maine

Compiled by
Bruce Komusin
Great Cranberry Island Historical Society

(under construction)

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The Stanley Cemetery is on the south end of the Great Cranberry Island, in front of Sue Lyman's house, and can be reached by entering her driveway off the main road, just beyond where the main road turns east.  The driveway is flanked by two stone pillars.  The cemetery is in a field and has no surrounding fence or chain.  It contains ?? headstones; the oldest is dated ????, and the latest, ????.

Layout of the Cemetery

The overall dimensions of the cemetery are ?? feet long and ?? feet wide.  The longest dimension lies east/west.

There are ?? headstones and ?? footstones in the cemetery.  All the graves lie to the east of the headstones except those against the eastern fence.  All inscriptions face west except those on the stones against the western fence, and on the back of Amy Young's stone (5e).

Grave Site Layout To "stroll through" the cemetery:
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The following preliminary list gives my best rendering of all the inscriptions.  One or two inscriptions are pitted and difficult or impossible to read.  Two others have unknown words in places.  Some extra work with rubbings, by a person with a good poetic imagination, could probably clear up all but the one or two eroded inscriptions.  I welcome corrections from old family records or from your own personal research.

Albion M. Stanley

Bernice M. Spurling

Charles Storey Shaw

Clyde E. Spurling

Dolly N. Bulger

Ella Florence Spurling

Emery Willard Richardson

Wyman Sawtelle Teel & Velma S. Teel

Viola Joy

Walter F. Joy

Warren A. Spurling


On the Cemeteries page I have provided a link to download a comma-separated database of all the names on the Preble Cemetery inscriptions along with their approximate dates (to the year) and notes.  For exact dates see the inscriptions themselves.

The Table of Names in Alphabetical Order is generated from that database.

Sorting the database by DIED date, we see that the first interment was Mary S. Moore (5h) in 1840, but curiously, the first stones were placed in the cemetery only in 1856: see Eber M. Preble (2c), and Hannah S. Stanley (5h.)

Table of Names in Alphabetical Order

This table duplicates all the names mentioned in the inscriptions, but here they're in alphabetical order by family name, so you can find a particular name easily by eye.  Click the grave coordinate -- immediately to the left of the given name -- to see the inscription.

Please be aware that a person may be mentioned on more than one inscription.  They may have their own stone, as well as being mentioned on another stone as "son of ..." or "father of ..." for example.  However, the table has only one link to an inscription.  It may not be the only reference.  So study the inscriptions carefully for multiple references.

Stones with "dau. of ..." are especially useful as they reveal a woman's maiden name.  Where possible, I've listed women under both their maiden and married names.  I've listed Rosa (3g) under both her husbands' family names.

Family members were often buried close to each other.  Note but don't click on the grave coordinate immediately to the left of the given name.  Then click on the cemetery name just to the left of that, to go to the grave site layout, and click on nearby stones to see their inscriptions.

Variations of Names Mentioned on the Stones

If a search engine brings you to this page, please scan the Table of Names in Alphabetical Order to find the person you're looking for.  The following list is not for human consumption.  It has several variations on all the names mentioned on the stones, for the benefit of web search engines such as AltaVista.

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