Cranberry Isles is preparing a Comprehensive Plan for the Town.  This will be an advisory document that analyzes the needs and wishes of Cranberry Isles citizens and seasonal residents.  The Plan will also suggest specific policies and strategies to help direct the town towards a realization of its future goals.

The process of developing a Comprehensive Plan started over a year ago and involved numerous steps.  The Town received a grant from the State of Maine to help fund the project.  The Board of Selectman appointed Dan Lief as chairman of a volunteer committee to work on the plan.  Cyrus Moulton was hired through the Island Institute Fellowship Program to work on the Plan; he is currently living on Great Cranberry.  Tom Martin, a community planner with the Hancock County Planning Commission, was hired to ensure that the Plan and planning process be done in accordance with State standards.

Now we need to hear from YOU!  A plan is not meaningful unless it reflects the needs and desires of ALL constituents of the Town.  Therefore, it is critical that we get as many community members as possible involved in this process.  To achieve this goal, we are asking you to please respond to the enclosed survey.  Here’s how you can help:

1. Please fill out this copy of the survey and return it by mail
2. Please print out a copy of the document from , complete it, and return by it mail.

If multiple members of your family (any age) would like to respond individually, we strongly encourage them to either photocopy the enclosed survey or print out the survey from the internet and submit their input by mail.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact any member of our committee.  Thank you for helping us identify our Town’s needs today so that we have a better tomorrow!

Cranberry Isles Comprehensive Plan Committee
Dan Lief, Chair: 244-9455
Phil Whitney: 244-5933
Barbara Stainton: 244-4067
Cindy Thomas: 244-5876
Steve Philbrook: 244-3782
Lise Pratt: 799-8067 (Cape Elizabeth) or 244-3426
Erica Merrill: 244-4187 (Mt Desert) or 244-7884
Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute Fellow: 244-3536
Tom Martin, Hancock County Planning Commission: 667-7131

Thank you.  Please return the survey by March 15, 2005 to:

Cranberry Isles Comprehensive Plan Committee
PO Box 7
Great Cranberry Island, Maine 04625


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