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courtesy of Phil Whitney

Timeline of Events

04/05/05 The Annual Parking Application Letter was revised and mailed.

04/05/05 A five year, $60,000.00 lease was signed with Cranberry Cove Ferry Company for leasing part of the Ware House Building at the Manset Property.

04/09/05 The GCI Town Dock was completely cleaned of dirt and debris after winter activities.

04/15/05 Roy Hadlock and Dan Chalmers (MFC contractors) completed installations of floats at GCI and Islesford, and at Manset respectively for the summer season.

04/16/05 Municipal Facilities Commission (MFC) meeting guidelines and schedules were established, to include monthly project reviews and quarterly workshop policy meetings.

04/16/05 Policy guidelines were established for implementation and management of major town projects by the MFC. An evolving list of current projects and general municipal facility operational areas was created. Personnel from MFC or Board of Selectmen (BOS) were designated as supervisors to oversee each project or operational area.

04/27/05 Selectmen obtained Southwest Harbor approval to establish an additional Island Explorer Bus Stop at the Cranberry Isles Manset Dock.

04/28/05 The first official non-residence Cranberry Isles Town Office opened for business in the Valdina Town House, near the center of the community on Islesford, after minor renovations which included carpentry work by Jason Pickering (volunteer).

05/03/05 Selectmen established policy guidelines for: 1) BOS meetings, 2) Town Office business hours, 3) Town personnel travel vouchers, 4) Town personnel supervision guidelines, 5) Town purchasing policies.

05/03/05 A Parking Policy Review and Assignment Appeals Subcommittee, composed of BOS and MFC members, was established.

05/03/05 Nan Hadlock was appointed Deputy Town Clerk. This was a new, part-time position approved at the March, 2005 Town Meeting.

05/10/05 Denise McCormick attended a Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Town Clerk Workshop.

05/13/05 Deborah Wedge, Heath Wedge, Soos Krasnow and Jesse Krasnow completed an Animal Control Officer Certification School.

05/16/05 Manset and Northeast Harbor Parking Permits were mailed to all Applicants. 05/24/05 Phil Whitney attended an MMA Workshop for Elected Town Officers.

05/25/05 Phil Whitney was the Guest Speaker at a county-wide law enforcement meeting sponsored by the Hancock County Sheriff in Northeast Harbor. Discussion involved formulation of Emergency Law Enforcement Rapid Response Policies for Cranberry Isles. Mount Desert Island Police Departments, State Police, Hancock County Sherrif, Marine Patrol, United States Coast Guard and Acadia National Park Representatives attended. Subsequently, a written Emergency Response Policy was prepared and adopted by the Sheriff.

06/01/05 The Marsh USA Building at the Manset Property was completely painted. Bill McGuinness coordinated this project.

06/07/05 Selectmen signed a Tax Warrant lowering the projected tax increase (which had been approved at the March, 2005 Town Meeting) from a 27% to 4% increase after undesignated surplus accounts were identified.

06/07/05 Selectmen established policy guidelines concerning: 1) Town Office Telephone Procedures, 2) Town Mail Processing Procedures, 3) Town Computer Employee Usage Procedures, 4) Town Office Security Procedures

06/07/05 Selectmen sold the old Town Snowplow Truck with Sander by sealed bid for $5305.00.

06/09/05 Phil Whitney, Cyrus Moulton, Malcolm Donald, Karin Whitney.and Sonja Moser traveled to Frenchboro to review their Affordable Housing Project and receive briefings from townspeople.

06/10/05 John Goodwin completed road grading on Merrill Road, Islesford and on Jimmie's Point Road, Heliker Road, Shore Road and the Gravel Pit Driveway, Great Cranberry Island (GCI).

06/14/05 A $17,000.00 Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) Grant for GCI Fire Department turnout gear was approved. The grant was prepared by Karin Whitney (volunteer).

06/15/05 The GCI Public Restrooms were painted and renovated by Karin Whitney (MFC contractor).

06/16/05 A community cleanup of the Gravel Pit on Islesford was organized by Bill McGuinness.

06/17/05 Ed Horvath (MFC Contractor) constructed cart ramps at the Cranberry Manset Dock to enable much easier maneuvering of freight carts along the floats.

06/17/05 The new Islesford Temporary Summer Trash Disposal and Pickup System was initiated. Dan Lief coordinated this major project. The system operated twice weekly during the peak season, once weekly in the off season. Garbage was dropped off under controlled conditions at the designated site and removed the same day by Gray Enterprises. Recyclable procedures were also established. Pick-up dates for larger trash items were accomplished separately.

06/20-21/05 Phil Whitney and Malcolm Donald attended a Telemedicine Conference in Rockport sponsored by the Maine Seacoast Mission. The possibility of expanding the Telemedicine Health Care Program via the "Sunbeam" to the Cranberry Isles was studied.

07/12/05 The BOS sponsored a public hearing on GCI concerning a proposal to install speed bumps on the Main Road.

07/15/05 Selectmen signed a one year lease with The Cranberry General Store, which is situated on Town-owned land.

07/19/05 Selectmen sponsored a public hearing on GCI concerning an ordinance proposal for the establishment of an E-911 Emergency Response System for GCI.

07/19/05 Two moorings for Cranberry Island Boat Owners use only were established near the Cranberry Manset Dock. A third mooring is expected next year.

07/27-28/05 Maine Department of Transportation (MOOT) Liaison Officer Pete Coughlin visited GCI and Islesford. Discussions were held with Bill McGuinness, Phil Whitney, Carl Brooks, and Cyrus Moulton concerning various road-related issues including maintenance, rights of way, legal obligations and traffic laws. Coughlin was identified as a valuable resource, and on-going liaison was established.

07/30/05 Bill McGuinness completed construction of railings at the Cranberry Manset Dock,

07/30/05 Three new heavy-duty baggage carts were purchased for the Cranberry Manset Dock. Karin Whitney (volunteer) painted the carts.

07/30/05 A maintenance and storage schedule was established for the Islesford Town Truck. The truck was transported off island to the Manset Property for summer storage and maintenance. It will be routinely transported back to the Island prior to the winter snow season.

08/01/05 Removal of boulders from Suttons Island Harbor was completed by Terry Johnson. This project was coordinated by Eve Harrison (MFC). Twenty-four hour ferry access is now possible.

08/09/05 Bill McGuinness attended a MOOT Gravel Road Maintenance Workshop.

08/15/05 Phil Whitney assisted in coordinating a presentation by Frenchboro Affordable Housing Representatives at the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust (CIRT) Annual Meeting at Islesford.

08/22/05 Selectmen sent a Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance Letter to all taxpayers reminding them to pay the required Vehicle Importation Fees and obtain appropriate stickers for all vehicles imported or located on the Islands.

08/26/05 Reviews of all Town Records turned over to BOS Chairman Phil Whitney during the March 2005 transition were completed. Copies of particular records were made and distributed to appropriate Town Personnel, as needed. All records were retained and filed at the Town Office. The Deputy Town Clerk assisted in this time-consuming project.

08/31/05 The Ware House Building furnace at the Manset Property was cleaned and insulated. Bill McGuinness coordinated this project.

09/02/05 A new finger float was built and installed at GCI by Courtney Chaplin. 09/05/05 All Town Dock lights on GCI were completely repaired by Whitney Electric.

09/06/05 Selectmen signed a four year, $120,000.00 lease with Marsh USA at the Manset Property. The lease was negotiated by Michael Phillips (MFC).

09/06/05 Selectmen signed contracts for float maintenance (three years) with Roy Hadlock and Dan Chalmers, subject to Special to Special Town Meeting voter approval. (Subsequently approved at the 10/18/05 Town Meeting.)

09/10/05 Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Kim Keene made an Inspection Visit to Islesford to inventory vehicles and ascertain compliance with The Vehicle Importation Ordinance.

09/20/05 Selectmen sponsored a public hearing on Islesford concerning the proposed Recall Ordinance.

09/21/05 Bill McGuinness completed construction of two new benches at the Cranberry Manset Dock.

09/22/05 Bill McGuinness installed a life ring at the GCI Town Dock.

09/23/05 Harbor Grant applications were filed with the State: 1) To develop a Four Harbor Ordinance Proposal. 2) To research improved emergency access at the Islesford Town Dock. The first application was subsequently approved, the second application declined.

09/30/05 Bill McGuinness coordinated the Annual Hazardous Waste Removal Project for GCI and Islesford.

09/30/05 Bill McGuinness installed bulletin boards at the Town Office and Islesford Town Dock.

10/01/05 Bangor Hydro completed tree cutting near power lines on Buttons and GCI.

10/02/05 Denise McCormick collected $1450.00 in delinquent barge ramp fees to bring the Town current in all barge ramp fees owed.

10/03/05 Bill McGuinness constructed new wooden railing barriers at the head of the Islesford Town Dock, replacing less secure chains.

10/05/05 Town Officers completed a project to locate, review and file all Town Leases.

10/10/05 Carl Brooks (volunteer) completed an E-911 Ordinance Proposal for GCI. Many hours were devoted to researching and preparing this proposal. The proposed ordinance was introduced for consideration at the Special Town Meeting on 10/18/05.

10/14/05 A new water main installation project at the Ware House Building, Manset Property, was completed. Bill McGuinness coordinated this project.

10/18/05 A Special Town Meeting was held at GCI. (See separate report.)

10/20/05 Bill McGuinness cleaned up all discarded construction materials and debris from the GCI Gravel Pit.

10/28/05 Road pothole repairs were completed at GCI by Blair Colby.

11/03/05 Phil Whitney, Cyrus Moulton, Malcolm Donald, Barbara Stainton, Katrina Van Dusen and Emily Roberts attended an "Islands in Crisis" Affordable Housing Conference in Rockport.

11/04/05 Maine Department of Environmental Protection issued a permit to Cranberry Isles for construction and operation of a Solid Waste Transfer Facility at GCI. This was the culmination of an intensive, lengthy effort coordinated by Dan Lief.

11/12/05 CEO Kim Keene made the second of two Inspection Visits to GCI to compile a vehicle inventory list and ascertain compliance with The Vehicle Importation Ordinance.

11/14/05 Roy Hadlock and Dan Chalmers (MFC Contractors) completed hauling out all Town Floats for the winter season.

11/15/05 Phil Whitney hosted a visit by State Representative Ted Koffman to GCI and Islesford. Riding tours of each Island were conducted, and key institutions on each Island were visited. Individual briefings were provided by several citizens relating to affordable housing, declining populations, employment opportunities, transportation limitations, schools, taxes, planning initiatives, and quality of life enhancements.

11/17/05 Denise McCormick attended a Municipal Law Seminar in Augusta.

11/20/05 Repairs to Suttons Island Wharf were completed by Courtney Chaplin. 11/28/05 Bill McGuinness installed asphalt shingles on the GCI Wharf steps.

11/30/05 John Goodwin completed construction of the foundation pad and moved the existing trash compacting building 100' North in preparation for the Solid Waste Transfer Station start-up of operations in The GCI Gravel Pit. Fencing and electrical wiring were being installed by separate contractors. Coordinated by Dan Lief and Bill McGuinness.

12/01/05 Individual winter storage leases were completed for several vehicles and small boats owned by Islanders desiring storage at the Ware House Building, Manset Property.

12/12/05 The Government Accounting System Standards Bureau (GASB #34) Inventory was completed by Bill McGuinness and Denise McCormick and forwarded to the Independent Auditor for review. (The Independent Auditor subsequently reported the inventory was very complete and fulfilled all requirements.) Compliance for this project was mandated under the United States Government's new National Accounting System. Deadline for compliance was 12/31/04.

12/14/05 A Special Town Meeting was held on GCI. (See separate report.)

12/15/05 The leaky roof on the old GCI Sand and Salt Shed was covered.

12/19/05 The new Islesford School Septic System Project was completed by Courtney Chaplin, which replaced the rapidly disintegrating old system.

12/27/05 Extensive roof repairs were completed by lan Krasnow to prevent further roof leaks at the Ware House Building, Manset Property. Bill McGuinness coordinated this project.

We look forward to 2006 with continued determination to improve upon the accomplishments of 2005, increase the efficiency of Town Government Operations, enhance the quality of services provided, and carefully monitor the expenditures of tax dollars.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phil A. Whitney, Chairman
Daniel S. Lief
Orville E. Blank, Jr.

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