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courtesy of Phil Whitney

Timeline of Events

Selectmen signed a Proclamation designating the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the basis for all major incident management by the Town of Cranberry Isles. The Town must now comply with certain federally mandated standards relating to incident management, or become ineligible for federal grant monies.

Town Clerks Denise McCormick & Nan Hadlock received training at the Town Office from a Central Voter Registration representative scanning voter registration cards into the new voter registration computer.

Deputy Town Clerk Nan Hadlock attended training sponsored by the Secretary of State regarding Town Meetings & Elections: Law & Procedures.

Town Report prepared and forwarded to printer.

Fourteen volunteers, including Selectmen Phil Whitney & Edgar Blank, completed a First Responder Medical Course on Islesford. Volunteers from GCI & Islesford attended the Training. Islesford Fire Department training appropriations funded the course.

Great Cranberry Solid Waste Transfer Station officially opened.

Phil Whitney, Margaret Blank, Edgar Blank & Bill McGuinness attended a National Incident Management Training Course in Ellworth.

Phil Whitney attended an Island Fire Fighters Conference held at the Island Institute in Rockland. This seminar discussed fire training, island insurance issues, fire department certification levels, and other issues of mutual interest between the island fire departments along the coast. The event was coordinated by Cyrus Moulton.

Selectmen express official support for town-wide enforcement of Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Insurance & Vehicle Importation Permit Laws on the Islands. Joint effort between the Selectmen, Constables, Code Enforcement Officer & Hancock County Sheriff.

Bill McGuinness attended a Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Technical Conference in Augusta. Areas of interest included High Speed Internet Service (for the Cranberry Isles) and networking w/ computer specialists.

Annual Parking Application Letter was revised and mailed to all taxpayers.

Town Office spaces were reorganized to improve operational efficiency.

Harbor Ordinance Committee formed. First meeting was held.

Selectmen sign an extension contract for tax assessing services with RJD Appraisal.

Selectmen sign a contract with Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Kimberly Keene for a one year term.

State gives approval to Town Office to initiate processing of Cranberry Isles boat registrations, to include both the excise tax and registration.

Bruce Komusin attended a Planning Board Training Seminar sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) in Orono.

Roy Hadlock and Dan Chalmers ( Contractors) completed initial installations of floats at GCI and Islesford, and at Manset respectively for the summer season.

Bill McGuinness installed new stop signs at all three town road intersections on Great Cranberry Island.

Bill McGuinness installed a new bulletin board at the Town Dock on Great Cranberry Island.

Karin Whitney ( Contractor) purchased & installed new trash containers on the GCI Town Dock.

Blair Colby completed the annual sand cleaning from the GCI Town Dock.

5/5/06 & 5/15/06
Phil Whitney coordinated visits by Maine Seacoast Mission representatives to GCI & Islesford to discuss Telemedicine and other potential health care initiatives which could benefit island residents during the winter months. Community members were invited to discuss health concerns.

Blair Colby completed annual grading of Shore Road parking area.

Denise McCormick & Nan Hadlock attended the Hancock County Municipal Clerks Annual Meeting in Ellsworth.

Phil Whitney & Aaron Gray attended an Elected Officials Training Workshop in Orono sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association (MMA).

Bill McGuinness repaired eroded asphalt between the town road and Manset Dock by filling in a layer of gravel, thus eliminating a safety hazard.

Bill McGuinness installed a light timer in the Manset Dock Visitor Waiting Room. The outside light turns on automatically, illuminating the immediate parking area as darkness occurs.

Bill McGuinness installed new locks on most doors in the Warehouse Building at the Manset Property.

Selectmen hosted a Public Hearing at Islesford concerning a proposed amended Floodplain Management Ordinance.

Bill McGuinness installed guard rails the entire length of the Manset Dock.

Flags were placed on all Veterans Graves in the Cranberry Isles.

The Manset Parking Lot spaces were completely sold out thirty days earlier than 2005, even though seven extra spaces were available.

Bill McGuinness installed a seat bench on the front float of the Manset Dock.

Selectmen sponsored a Public Hearing at GCI concerning ATV and Small Vehicle Usage.

Bill McGuinness repainted several parking spaces at Manset which enabled creation of several additional spaces and permitted re-location of the trash dumpster to a more suitable location.

Selectmen hosted a Public Hearing at Islesford concerning ATV and Small Vehicle Usage.

A State SHIP Grant was awarded to Cranberry Isles. $9000 was provided to install finger floats at GCI, Islesford & Sutton, and $9000 to replace a float ramp at GCI.

Repairs were completed to railings and freight loading area at the GCI Wharf.

Selectmen hosted a Public Hearing at Islesford concerning proposed Vehicle Importation Ordinance Warrant Articles prior to a Special Town Meeting.

Sutton Island Wharf light and power cable was repaired.by MCM Electric.

GCI Wharf lights were repaired or replaced by Whitney Electric.

Islesford Wharf lights were repaired by Atom Electric.

The Town Guest Moorings Project was completed. All three Guest Moorings at GCI Harbor were located and repaired. Two Guest Moorings at Islesford Harbor were located and repaired. One Guest Mooring at Islesford Harbor was completely replaced.

Selectmen hosted a Public Hearing at GCI concerning proposed Vehicle Importation Ordinance Warrant Articles prior to a Special Town Meeting.

Phil & Karin Whitney were invited to the Annual Sutton Island Association Meeting. A briefing was provided on Town activities relating to Sutton Island. Requests were made for Town Reports which were subsequently distributed to most island residents.

Ian Krasnow (Contractor) constructed boat ferry steps for GCI, Islesford, & Sutton floats. Project was initiated from a suggestion by Joy Sprague.

An amended Proclamation Concerning Golf Cart and Small Vehicle Use was approved and posted by the BOS.

Road paving was completed on sections of GCI Cranberry Road. Rising oil costs required cutbacks in total amount of paving completed.

A public meeting w/ Tax Assessor Matt Caldwell was held at GCI. Caldwell provided a general briefing, distributed handouts of Property Tax Assessment Guidelines and answered questions.

Bill McGuinness installed two additional seat benches at the Manset Dock.

Phil Whitney Attended an Emergency Management Training Session for Town Officials in Ellsworth. Topics addressed included preparations for Pandemic Flu Virus Outbreaks and Hurricane Disaster Preparedness.

Blair Colby completed road fill enhancements in several locations on GCI.

Electricity hookups were restored to the GCI floats by Atom Electric.

New voting booths which meet current Handicap Accessible Guidelines were received. These will be utilized on each island during state and federal elections.

9/19/06 – 9/20/06
Town Clerks Denise McCormick & Nan Hadlock attended a Clerks Networking Forum sponsored by MMA in Waterville.

Phil Whitney attended a League of Towns Conference at MDI High School which covered: 1) the TABOR Tax Proposal, 2) a Proposed Local Option Sales Tax, 3) MDI High School Town Funding Issues.

Town was notified that Cranberry Isles placed 3rd (Excellence) in its population category in the statewide Maine Municipal Association Competition for Best Town Report in Maine.

Public Interest Pay Phones (PIPs) were approved for installation at waterfront areas on GCI & Islesford. Chris White (Volunteer) spearheaded this effort.

Karin Whitney (Volunteer) painted the Public Restroom floors on GCI.

A public meeting was held on Islesford with representatives from Mainely Wired High Speed Internet Service to explain the possibilities of high speed internet installation for the Cranberry Isles.

Town Clerk Denise McCormick attended training in Augusta sponsored by the Secretary of State which involved: a) Accessible Voter Systems 10/12/06, b) Central Voter Registration 10/13/06.

The Annual Hazardous Materials Disposal Day was conducted on GCI & Islesford.

Selectmen signed an MOU with ANP for Emergency Response Service Coverage for Baker & Bear Islands.

11/7/06 – 11/15/06
Roy Hadlock & Dan Chalmers (Contractors) hauled out the municipal floats at GCI, Islesford & Manset for the Winter.

11/9/06 - 11/12/06
Eight volunteers from GCI & Islesford attended classes at an Emergency Medical Seminar at Rockport. Seminar attendance was coordinated by Town Emergency Management Liaison Officer Margaret Blank. Financial support was contributed by the GCI Fire Department.

Cranberry Isles Emergency Medical Services Unit was established. Both GCI & Islesford combined under one umbrella to meet State standards for individual and ambulance certification on both islands. Cooperative efforts were begun for training.

An initial Medical Clinic conducted by Maine Seacoast Mission & MDI Hospital Representatives was held at GCI. This was coordinated by Selectmen and Town Health Personnel. There was a successful turnout of island residents.

Work continued on the E-911 Compliance Program. Letters were mailed to all private road abutters on GCI to participate in the road naming process. The numbering process of all residences on Islesford was nearly completed.

Final contract negotiations were completed w/ Blair Colby for snowplowing operations on GCI for the 2006-2007 Winter Season.

A proposal for Regulating Usage of the GCI Gravel Pit Property was approved by the BOS after research was completed by the MFC. The Facilities Supervisor will coordinate requests for use and storage of materials on the property.

John Goodwin, Jr. was awarded a bid to construct a Sand & Salt Shed at the GCI Gravel Pit Property. This culminates a lengthy process of planning and negotiations. Construction is anticipated to be completed by Town Meeting in March.

Contracts were signed w/ Karin Whitney for Custodial Services at the GCI Restroom / Town Dock and Manset Visitors Restroom for the 2007 Season.

The Newman Building garage door at the Manset Property was repaired after a truck caused major damage.

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